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News: 18th April 2002

The Winner of the BEST FANSITE 2002

Tribe Red Dragon –

We had hundreds of entries for Best Fansite 2002 and Tribe Red Dragon was the most popular followed closely by Caleb

Congratulations Tribe Red Dragon – the Tribe is obviously a fantastic hit in the U.S.A!!

What do you like best about the Tribe?

1. Love
2. Action
3. Drama
4. Humour
5. The Characters

And the winner is – The Characters!/P>

2nd – Drama
3rd – Love
4th – Action
5th – Humour

To find out who won the Best Actress, Best Actor, Best Costume and more check out the Tribe Vote Archive


The twice yearly television festival held in Cannes, France starts today! The Cloud 9 Sales Team will be attending the festival as they do every year to meet with television broadcasters from around the world.