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News: 25 October 1999


Well, do you?

Now’s your chance! Dwayne Cameron (BRAY) will be giving an interview shortly to a member of the Cloud 9 team that will be recorded and available as a download on the new Tribeworld website (now in the final stages of testing).

The interview will be offered as Quicktime, Real Media and Winmedia formats so if you use a PC or a Mac then you should be able to access and download it. There will also be different file sizes available.

Each member of cast will be giving interviews on a regular basis in the future on the new Downloads section on the new Tribeworld site.

We know from many of your emails and the letters that Dwayne Cameron has received himself some of the questions that you want to know answers to, and we will be putting these questions to Dwayne during the interview.

If you want to know something else or have a question then you can let us know – and we will then ask Dwayne during his interview (and you can find the answer by downloading Dwayne’s interview when it is available).

To let us know your questions for Dwayne, you can either:

1. Email us by the email address
2. Or you can post your question on Tribe Talk under the Tribe General Chat section. We have set up a message called MyDwayneQuestion and just post your thoughts or question under this topic.


We have had a good response from fans to the posting in last week’s Latest News on the main site asking for you to submit your URLs and http addresses for your own Tribe websites – so thank you to everyone who has emailed us so far!

There will be a new section on the new Tribeworld website (now in the final stages of testing) that has links to some sites about the Tribe that fans have set up. All we ask is that you set up a link from your site to the Official Tribe Website here at

If you would like to submit your site to be listed on the new section with links to fans’ sites, then all you have to do is email us with your URL and site address details to the email

We look forward to hearing from you – Stay Tribal!


We would like to thank everyone who has sent in their letters and photos so far (even poems) for the first Tribe fanzine.

If you want to send in your pictures or letters, then you can send your photos or letters to the Official Tribe Fan Club. The address is on the first newsletter that members should have received by now.

You can also send us your email letters to


On Saturday 23rd October, John Williams and Matt Prime, the songwriter-producers of the first Tribe album left New Zealand to return to the UK.

In their final week working on the first Tribe album they worked with members of cast and continued to record additional vocals and music. In addition to the cast they worked with members of New Zealand orchestras, bands, all kinds of musicians.

Recording an album is a long process and each song evolves in its own particular way. The music that has been recorded has been fantastic and sounds great but John Williams and Matt Prime are still trying out different mixes and elements for each track.

Now the vocals have been recorded, back in the UK some additional music tracks will be recorded. Once all the components are in place, the songs are then ready to be mixed together – and when a final mix is achieved, the song is completed. Mixing is a long process – in the 1960s when the Beatles and Rolling Stones were at their peak, the music technology was for 4 or 8 track recording. Today you can have dozens and dozens of music tracks each having different vocals and instrumentation. One track on the Tribe album is called “Abe Messiah” and has over 90 separate music tracks! It takes longer to mix all these tracks and get the right balance between different instruments.

It is anticipated that the first Tribe album will be completed by the end of this year and released next year. As soon as we have details, we will advise on the main website.

In the meantime, fans in the UK will be the first to hear some of the new music for the Tribe that will appear on the first Tribe album because some versions have been completed and are used as incidental music during the second series of the Tribe. The UK is the first country in the world to be shown Series 2 of the Tribe and viewers will get sneak peaks of some of the music and songs from the first Tribe album as they are used in different scenes in the second series.


There is some new content this week on the main website under TribeGuide in the Tribe Trivia that you might like to check out.

There are facts and secrets revealed about the computing power used in the Cloud 9 post-production department, some facts about editing episodes together, the distances travelled in location shooting, and can you guess how many paper cups were used by the cast and crew in shooting series one of the Tribe? You might be surprised just how many!