Tribe News

News: 27 September 1999


On the weekend, Dwayne Cameron (BRAY), Jaimee Kaire-Gataulu (CHLOE), and Sarah Major (PATSY) went home to visit their families before returning to the Cloud 9 production center to resume filming. Victoria Spence`s friend visited and stayed with Victoria at her houseparent and chaperones` house near the Cloud 9 production centre and spent most of the weekend shopping and catching up on news of their friends at Victoria`s school, all of whom are major Tribe fans and very proud that their schoolmate is achieving success as a regular cast member of the Tribe.

Beth Allen (AMBER) and Amy Morrison (ZANDRA) remained with their families at their homes while Caleb Ross (LEX) entertained Antonia Prebble (TRUDY), who is staying with the Tribe cast and houseparents while her family visited the South Island.

Michael Wesley-Smith (JACK) caught up on school work as did Ashwath Sundarensen (DAL) and Airi (KC) while Ryan Runciman (RYAN) learned his lines and checked out some of the rugby (Ryan is a keen rugby fan).

Meryl Cassie (EBONY) spent most of the weekend recording (John Williams and Matt Prime anticipate the completion of the Tribe album in approximately four weeks and we will provide details of the release date so keep checking the website for exclusive information).


We have been authorised to reveal that fans of the Tribe throughout the world will be introduced to some new characters in the second series including the Guardian – a mysterious and spiritual leader of the enigmatic Tribe called The Chosen, who become an ominous threat and adversary of the Mall Rats.

Tthroughout the back-story episodes in series 2, fans will note the Chosen are a breakaway, almost renegade faction of the Locos, inspired by the word of Zoot and he Guardian under his alias of Jaffa becoming friends with Martin – prior to his incarnation under the persona of Zoot.


In addition to the Guardian/Jaffa, there are other characters introduced in series 2. Obviously storylines are highly confidential, but we have been authorised to reveal as an exclusive to website fans and users, that Alice the humorous farm girl will return along with her sister Ellie, and life for the Tribe will never quite be the same when they encounter these slightly unusual women of the Earth (and as a sneak preview, Jack in particular is destined to feature in the amorous Ellie`s plans).

Also, a stunning young lady (Danni) will affect the lives of the Mall Rats and we will reveal more information in later editions on the website so keep checking the Bulletin Board for updates.


On Monday 27th September, the cast and crew of Tribe Series 2 attended a premier of the two music videos which were filmed recently, and all concerned were thrilled with the end results.

The Cloud 9 post-production team has been busy editing and laying tracks so the finished result was eagerly anticipated by all concerned.

One track is entitled “Abe Messiah” and is a spiritual and inspired piece of music which is very different and can only be described as “Tribe rock” featuring a strong gospel element and celebrating the birth of the Abe Messiah.

The other track is entitled “This is the Place” and features Dwayne Cameron, Caleb Ross and Daniel James (BRAY, LEX – and yes, ZOOT!) all of whom seem reminiscent to a cross between Boyzone and Backstreet Boys, and their singing and choreography is very impressive.

The music video involves some sexy slow dancing between Bray and Danni, Zoot and Trudy, and Lex and Ebony – but this is not relevant to any storyline themes of the Tribe, it is purely visuals to punctuate the song which is very much a love song.

Other members of the cast will feature on other music videos as and when the tracks and album have been completed.

We have been authorised to reveal that Cloud 9 is currently negotiating to try and make these videos available EXCLUSIVE to members of the Official Tribe Fan Club and more information will be posted when details are known – hopefully long before Christmas so that members of the Fan Club will receive limited editions of the music videos.


Mipcom? This is a global television festival rather like the Cannes Film Festival. MIPCOM is actually held in Cannes in the South of France and members of Cloud 9`s administrative team and the sales team of Cloud 9`s distribution subsidiary, Cumulus, will be attending the festival to discuss several foreign territories acquiring the series, which means that fans of the Bulletin Board on the website will soon be able to chat with viewers all over the world.

The Tribe is rapidly evolving into a cult series and has received great critical acclaim as well as very high ratings.

This has generated an enormous amount of interest from several broadcasters all over the world from America to Japan, Germany to Italy, and more details will be posted about transmissions in other countries.

But as sure as the sun sets and rises again – the world is going Tribal!


Victoria Spence (SALENE) appeared on the Bulletin Board last week and had a tremendous response from fans.

Victoria (who likes to be called Tori – and never Vicky!) enjoyed chatting with fans about all kinds of topics and areas both on and off-screen.

Victoria tried her very best to answer as many messages as she can and apologies to those messages and users whom she could not reply to.

Victoria will be appearing on the Bulletin Board later this week to answer messages she was unable to get to last week due to the huge demand.

We will be announcing details of the next cast member to appear live and exclusive on Tribe Talk on Monday 4th October.


The bigger and even better new Official Tribe Website is in the final stages of testing. Our design team want to make sure that everything runs smoothly and works well on the new website before it goes live and online.

The new official site will have all the sections on the existing site but many new ones with loads of exciting info and things to do and many new original areas that have never before appeared on other websites!

We anticipate that the new website will be ready early November. Not long now!