Nick Miller (Pride) on Romance

Who would be your ideal celebrity date?

Nick – Heidi Klum. Nuff said.

Sum up why someone would want to go out with you

Nick – I’m not shy, so there’s one less nervous person

What is the most romantic thing you have ever done?

Nick – Ran 10km in the rain with 1/2 dozen red roses, broke into her house, left them on her bed then ran home again.


What is your worst dating crime (most embarassing)?

Nick – Forgetting we had a date.

Are you romantic?

Nick – Definitely.

What lengths would you go to win a girl/guy?

Nick – Depends on the girl. If she was worth it I would do some very stupid stuff.

What would your ideal evening be with a loved one?

Nick – A warm comfortable room and a platter of good food.

Have you ever had any rumours spread about you and romance?

Nick – What have you heard?

What was your first ever date?

Nick – 10 years old, took Tina home for lasagne made by Mum.

Do you go Dutch or insist on paying?

Nick – Whatever. As long as it was fun.

At what stage in a relationship do you take a partner to meet your parents?

Nick – The latest possible stage.

Do your parents or mates influence your decision in the type of person you go out with?

Nick – No


Do you have a current partner?

Nick – No

What qualities do you look for in a partner?

Nick – Honesty, ambition, sass.

You meet someone who is sexy and has a great personality but you find out they want you because you’re a star. Do you go out with them or not?

Nick – Clearly someone who would go out with me because of the star factor does not have a great personality. So no.

What is your get out clause if the relationship is over?

Nick – How shallow. Quite simply if you don’t want to continue then that is enough.

Have you ever cheated on someone?

Nick – No

Do you go more for personality or looks?

Nick – One without the other is a compromise I would rather not make.

Does age matter?

Nick – Not at all.

If you were given a present from a partner and you hated it would you be truthful?

Nick – It doesn’t matter what the present is, what’s important is the intention.

What is the worst chat up line you have ever heard?

Nick – I don’t believe there is one. If it leads to conversation then it has worked.


You find out that your best friend is being cheated on. Do you tell them?

Nick – Of course. Any friend should


Would you take back your partner if you found out they had cheated on you?

Nick – No


You find out that your best friend is being cheated on. Do you tell them?

Nick – Of course. Any friend should.


The partner you are dating tells you that they love you but you don’t feel the same. What do you do?

Nick – Then I would say I don’t feel the same.


Should men always make the first move?

Nick – No – and they don’t. The best women are forward about what they want.


Someone you don’t fancy asks you out. Are you disgusted or flattered?

Nick – Flattered


You find out that your best friend is being cheated on. Do you tell them?

Nick – Of course. Any friend should


Do you compare notes with your mates?

Nick – No.


Your partner finds your best mate attractive. Does it bug you?

Nick – Of course.


Do you really think that long distance relationships are possible to maintain?

Nick – Given the right people and a good level of trust – yes.


Is it possible to remain friends with an ex?

Nick – Yes