Tribe News

News: 13th September 1999


Away from their work on Tribe Series 2, the cast have been travelling back and forth between the music-recording studio and the Cloud 9 production center with their chaperones and security during breaks in their schedules to sing and record music with John Williams and Matt Prime. The album is shaping up to be a classic and there will be more updates on the main website in the future.


In addition to singing and recording music – the cast have also been perfecting their dancing skills!

To coincide with the first Tribe album, the cast are shooting their first music video on Monday 13th and Tuesday 14th September.

The cast are very talented dancers and entertainers and have been working with a renowned choreographer to put together some unique and exciting Tribal dance moves to prepare for the music video.

They also have some amazing costumes and make-up that will give the music video a great look. The video is also being filmed against some breath-taking scenery and locations.

The first Tribe music video will be released in a few months time. More details to follow on the main website and via the Official Tribe Fan Club.


On behalf of Dwayne Cameron, thank you for all the messages and questions posted to him during Dwayne’s appearance on the Bulletin Board on Thursday 9th September.

There was an amazing response – Dwayne did his very best to answer as many messages as quickly as he could for the few hours he had available in his schedule for Tribe Series 2.

Due to the sheer volume of messages posted, Dwayne was unable to answer all of them.

However, Dwayne will be using the Bulletin Board later this week during a window of opportunity in his schedule and will try to answer as many messages as he can left over from his appearance last week.

We are also checking the availability for the next member of cast to appear live and exclusive on Tribe Talk – we will advise later this week via the Bulletin Board, so please check Cloud 9’s section under the Forum Index of Tribe Talk.

Last but not least – there WILL be a LIVE CHAT ROOM on the Official Tribe website in about 10 days to coincide with the bigger and better website. Designers are now on the final stages of working on the new Tribe website. The cast will be making regular appearances (depending on their schedules for Tribe Series 2) on the live chat room and this will make their appearances quicker and easier.

There will be more news and updates in Latest News next week.