Tribe News

News: 9th March 2000

Hi everyone

There’s heap s going on at Cloud 9 at the moment. For starters the Tribe Fanclub has just hung up the phone from speaking to Caleb Ross! Yes that’s right Caleb Ross, Lex.

LEX!!! On the UBB

Caleb has agreed to an exclusive appearance on the Tribe Ultimate Bulletin Board next week. He asked us to tell all the fanclub members he can’t wait to talk to you all again. As you know Caleb hasn’t been on the UBB since August 99. That’s a long time to be away from your fans! So start thinking up your questions for Caleb now.

Caleb will be appearing LIVE! In the Ultimate Bulletin Board at:

7am Monday 20th March (NZ time) (Please note the New Zealand time has changed due to daylight savings)

7pm Sunday 19th March (UK time)
9pm Sunday 19th March (Finland time).

He’ll be in the “This is the Place” section answering all your Tribe questions.

Remember, be patient, Caleb can only look at one message at a time. So, if it takes him a while to get to your message don’t panic, he’ll try and get to all of them.

Caleb comp! Win a phone call with Caleb Ross after his UBB appearance

The competition is under the “This is the Place” section of the UBB. Remember, you’ll have to be a registered user to enter. Don’t forget to put your name and address on the competition entry e-mail.

Meryl Cassie

Meryl dropped in yesterday while she’s on holiday. She came in to do some work with our Dialogue Editor and then stayed to try and answer some of her fan mail. She said “hi, all you Tribe fans out there. Thanks for all your support with the show. I love getting your mail. Keep it coming! Love Meryl.”

Keep your eyes open next month for a competition to win a call from Meryl!

Tribe Cast on Holiday

As you know the production for the Tribe Series 2 is over and all the cast are on holiday. You can keep sending your mail to the cast though, all the mail is filed in each cast member’s personal file for them when they get back. Cast members also wrote replies for the Fanclub to send out while they are away, so you may get one of those too.

Fanclub Membership Packs

If you are still waiting for your membership packs to come out there’s a reason why you haven’t got one yet. We have had so many fans joining the Fanclub that we’ve run out of goodies!!! Don’t panic more have been ordered, so the packs should all go out in the next week or two.

Series 2 Episodes being edited

The final few episodes in the series are being editing as I write this. I’ve seen the end sequence for episode 103 (which is the episode before the final of Series 2) and it’s a real cliffhanger, when you see it, you won’t want to wait a week to see the final.

Competitions and where to find them

The Tribe has quite a few comps running at the moment and here¹s where you can find them:

On the Ultimate Bulletin Board, you can find a competition under the “This is the Place” heading. To enter the competition you need to register as a UBB user.

Tribe Club also has a new comp.

There will also be a comp going up on the “This is the Place” section to win a phone call with Caleb Ross after his appearance on the UBB next week. So keep your eyes open for that one.