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News: 16th March 2000

What a big month we’ve had at Tribeworld!

Although production of Series 2 is over it’s till pretty busy around here.

First of all a thank you to everyone who posted messages for Caleb Ross on the Ultimate Bulletin Board.

Caleb received more than 250 posts to answer. Everyone was really patient allowing Caleb time to get to their messages. Because all the fans were so nice Caleb came back after the live appearance and answered a lot more of the questions that were posted for him. Congratulations to William from Maryland, USA who won the competition to talk on the phone with Caleb after the UBB appearance. William was our first phone call winner from the USA.

The final episode – Tribe Series 2

It’s sad, but every series has to end at some point. Look on the bright side – at least there are 26 episodes to a Series of the Tribe – that’s not bad you know. Anyway, back to the episode. The Post Production Team at Cloud9 are keeping this episode under tight security until the episode goes to air. From what I’ve seen, which isn’t the entire episode, but enough to keep me watching, all I can say is wow!

New Audio Interview

Under the Club section then Downloads you can find all sorts of cool downloadable things. Including audio clips from the up and coming Tribe album and cast interviews. Coming soon is a new interview with Michelle Ang (TAI SAN) other interviews online at the moment include:
Caleb Ross (LEX)
Dwayne Cameron (BRAY)
Meryl Cassie (EBONY) Tori Spence (SALENE)
Michael Wesley-Smith (JACK)
Antonia Prebble (TRUDY)

Tribe Vote

There’s a new one up. Think carefully before you choose the answer to this one. If you could change one episode of the Tribe which would it be.
Check it out under Club then Tribe Vote.