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News: 12th April 2001

Fantastic updates to come from Meryl Cassie and Caleb Ross

Today Meryl Cassie (EBONY), Caleb Ross (LEX) and Antonia Prebble (TRUDY) came to Cloud 9 Studios for a promotional shoot. It was filmed on an almost overcast day (because winter is on its way in NZ) out by the pool.

It was great to hear all the news first hand from Meryl and Caleb’s Eurpoean/UK Tour and they have prepared especially for you fans a special updated info guide on what they got up to.

Keep an eye on over the next few weeks and we will let you see these new updates!!

Stay Tribal over Easter.

Cloud 9 Children’s Foundation and The Hurricanes

The profile of the Foundation is getting significantly raised due to the Hurricanes having sellout crowds for the last 2 rubgy games. With over 60,000 people at these games the awareness of the Foundation and what it does is potentially being greatly enhanced.

The Hurricanes had a huge game again this week and managed to pull off yet another win. This means they are potentially again back in the running for a semi-final spot in the Super 12 tournament.

Go the Hurricanes – we’re with you every step of the way. To check out more of the Cloud 9 Chilren’s Foundation events Click here

Germany is almost there!

Two weeks to go until Germany officially joins the Tribeworld ranks as a broadcaster of The Tribe. It is showing on KIKA (KinderKanal) in Germany. We’re looking forward to getting feedback from our new fans. Webadmin may have to polish up on speaking German again!

Its going to be huge. Go to weblinks to view the Tribe broadcasters websites.


What are Tribefans planning for Easter? It is a vacation time for a couple of days for the cast and crew of Cloud 9’s latest production of Atlantis High, and Tribe cast members in the past have taken the opportunity to go home for a few days to visit family and friends.

Several of the Tribe cast lived at a ‘cast house’ in Wellington with House parents and chaperones, because they live in other parts of New Zealand but have to be located in Wellington for the duration of filming! At the ‘cast house’ they would do everything as they normally would in their own house including howework, washing up after dinner, making beds etc. BUT of course many times they would have to wake up extremely early in the morning ready for pick ups to get to make-up and wardrobe before early morning shoots.

Soon there will be a special report on ‘life in the cast house’. Keep an eye on upcoming ‘Location Reports’ for this!

If there is something missing from this list why not check out ‘What is new?’ for additional information.