Tribe News

News: 18th April 2001

One week until Germany hits the bigtime in The world of “The Tribe”

It has been locked off and is official! KIKA begins screening The Tribe Series One at 1655hr (4.55pm) on the 23rd April 2001.

We at Tribeworld are looking forward to the new fans feedback of The Tribe and especially looking forward to having them join our exclusive Tribe Fan Club.

This is the biggest launch of The Tribe since Channel 5 in the UK started screening it. There have been major promotions, magazine features, interviews and press conferences including Meryl (EBONY), Caleb (LEX) and Beth (AMBER).

Stay tuned for all the major news as it comes to hand!


Not only is the Tribe being seen in Germany it being heard in Germany also, with the upcoming release of ‘Abe Messiah’ in Germany.

Make sure you ‘rock on’ to the sounds of The Tribe, and go to any good music store to purchase your copy.

Sales of The Tribe Album in the UK

Don’t forget if you have not got your copy of the Tribe album – “ABE MESSIAH” to race to your nearest music store. Sales of the Album have been huge and many places have sold out.

The Secret is starting to come out – new Tribe Book?

Sources say that there is to be a new Tribe Book released in New Zealand in the next few months. It will be called ‘Mall Rats’ – but details of the story are ‘top secret’!

Fans outside of New Zealand will be able to purchase “Mall Rats” through the Official Tribe Fan Club, but first you have to be a Fan Club member.

There are still a limited number of copies of Power & Chaos left also. If you want to purchase at the special price of NZ$13.45 OR NZ$15.00 for a First Edition Autographed copy, and are not a fan club member, then, join now.