Tribe News

News: 3rd April 2001

Chatting with SPIKE (Lee Donaghue)

First time ever a less major cast member has featured on the UBB. We hope you all enjoyed chatting to Lee. It has been a while since he has worked on the Tribe but still enjoys catching up with Tribe cast members and of course is currently working on Cloud 9’s latest TV production – Atlantis High.

Who’s messing with the UBB?

We do apologise for the recent problems on the UBB. It is being reviewed, tested and hopefully fixed as we speak! For those specific members who are behind the UBB’s demise please remember if you don’t respect it it will be gone forever and we do not appreciate a certain bad few ruining it for the otherwise fantastic members.

Sprechen Sie Deutsch?

Counting down to the big day! Wow, can you believe it? The Tribe Series One is about to start on German Television Channel KIKA on April 23rd 2001.

It is being voiced over in German and the recent Tribe Tour saw Meryl, Caleb and Beth take part in alot of Press Conferences and promotional meetings throughout Germany in preparation for this. Also included in the German leg of the tour was some more KIKA promotional shoots.

So Rock on Germany and welcome to The Tribe!

Winning form this week! – Hurricanes and the Cloud 9 Children’s Foundation

Well done to the Hurricanes, they had a fantastic game in Christchurch against the Canterbury Crusaders (2000 Super 12 Champions), where they romped in for a serious WIN!!

Of course these ‘warm fuzzies’ flow over for the Hurricanes official charity – Cloud 9 Children’s Foundation.

Go to the latest website constructed by Cloud 9 called With you every step of the way. This features all there is to know about the function of the Cloud 9 Children’s Foundation, and the latest Charity events being held.