News: 15th October 2001

Well Tribesters, we have been really busy! Laura Wilson andTodd Emersonhave been in to the office to chat with fans on the Atlantis High site.To find out what they said, Check out the Atlantis High site This week you can talk to Lucy Gamble who plays Sophie May. She’s the cuter than cute hometown girl with … Continue reading News: 15th October 2001

News: 7th September 2001

ATLANTIS HIGH – TODAY’S THE DAY!! ATLANTIS HIGH SCREENS IN THE UK… If you live in the UK … Book your spot in front of the television this Saturday at 2.15pm to see the very first episode of Atlantis High This fantastic show, Cloud 9’s latest production, will commence broadcast on Channel 5, September … Continue reading News: 7th September 2001

News: 3rd April 2001

Chatting with SPIKE (Lee Donaghue) First time ever a less major cast member has featured on the UBB. We hope you all enjoyed chatting to Lee. It has been a while since he has worked on the Tribe but still enjoys catching up with Tribe cast members and of course is currently working on Cloud … Continue reading News: 3rd April 2001