Tribe News

News: 29th March 2001

Sprechen Sie Deutsch? – Guten Tag to our new German Fans!

Wow, can you believe it? The Tribe Series One is about to start on German Television Channel KIKA on April 23rd 2001.

It is being voiced over in German and the recent Tribe Tour saw Meryl, Caleb and Beth take part in alot of Press Conferences and promotional meetings throughout Germany in preparation for this. Also included in the German leg of the tour was some more KIKA promotional shoots.

So welcome to the German Fan Club members!

A fantastic new website for the Cloud 9 Children’s Foundation

Go to the latest website constructed by Cloud 9 called With you every step of the way. This features all there is to know about the function of the Cloud 9 Children’s Foundation and the latest Charity events being held. There have been celebrity rugby players involved, the Prime Minister and Mayor of Wellington have shown their support to the cause and taken an interest in all the current happenings not only with The Foundation, but The Tribe and the latest production Atlantis High also.

So check it out, you never know…several Tribe members may make an appearance at a charity function again and there could be photos?