Tribe News

News: 13th November 2000

Tribe Tour and Tribe album record sales!

The Tribe album “Abe Messiah” had its premier worldwide release last week and is doing tremendously well in stores across New Zealand.

Members of the Tribe cast are on a nationwide tour where they are making live appearances and autograph signing – on 11-12th November the cast were at the massive St Luke`s shopping mall in Auckland.

And the rest of the world? There is a great demand for the album from letters and emails we get every day to the Official Tribe Fan Club – and the Tribe album WILL DEFINITELY be released in other countries around the world. For details on when, please keep checking Tribe news here…

Get a (down)load of this!

And to celebrate the release of the album, there are some special web pages with downloads from the album and exclusive photos.

Gather round for the Tribal Gathering in the USA and the UK!

As you may know in June 2000 there was a Tribal Gathering in New Zealand and over 20,000 people attended at the Cloud 9 Studios.

Well due to popular demand we now know that there is going to be a Tribal Gathering in New York, USA! We will have details as to the exact date, venue and arrangements – but Tribe fans in the USA are getting ready for a US Open Day!

And we also understand there will be a Tribal Gathering in the UK – we believe this will take place in Brighton. Again, for exact details as to date and venue arrangements, please keep checking this page in the near future…

Christmas – look at November 18th, what do you see?

November 18th – it is a Saturday. It is special for two reasons.

Number one – The Tribe returns to British television screens with the worldwide premier of Tribe Series 3 on tv at 16.50 pm every Saturday, starting from Saturday 18th November! Yes!!!

Number two – The Tribe are appearing live in Wellington, New Zealand, on a special float at the Wellington Christmas parade. Last year about 100,000 people saw the parade in the city so it is a good chance to get the Christmas spirit – and the Tribe mood!

Yum yum – fill that tum!

Burger King are great fans of The Tribe and Kiwi fans will know, they sponsor the series on TV3.

Well, coming up soon is a special Tribe meal deal at Burger King in New Zealand. It will be called a “Feed the Tribe” meal deal and you get loads of yummy Burger King food to eat – and some special Tribe goodies too!

What a way to dine – satisfy your tum with the food and enjoy some Tribal dining at Burger King outlets across New Zealand very soon!