Tribe News

News: 7th August 2000

Tribe Music Video and Album Update

Members of the Tribe were recording a third music video last week. The song “You Belong to Me” features the lead vocals of the multi talented Meryl Cassie. The video features Dwayne Cameron, Caleb Ross, Michelle Ang and Meryl Cassie. We will have pics for you as soon as we can lay our hands on them.

On the album front it looks like the Tribe album will be released in October of this year. The album features music from the Tribe including “Abe Messiah”, “This is the Place” and the new song “You Belong to Me”.

Award Nomination in the USA

The Tribe Series 2 has been nominated for an American award from GAIT. The award is called the Indy Crystal Globe Award and we have been nominated in the drama category. We’ll keep you posted on what happens.

Tribe Book

As you may be aware the “Power and Chaos” Tribe book will be coming out in New Zealand in October. The book’s release will be exclusive to New Zealand.
Great news to New Zealand fans, but not so great for overseas fans you may be thinking…
Well the good news is, if you are a fanclub member you can reserve your copy of the book.
We’ll have more details of the price and deadline for reserving your copy next week.

Hear Tribe Stars on the phone

A special phone number has been set up for fans to call and here all the latest gossip from the mouths of the stars themselves. You can call the number from anywhere in the world, but if you live outside of Wellington New Zealand you will be charged the regular toll call price for this call.

There will be a new message each week and each week will be a different cast member.

This number is only free to people living in the Wellington, New Zealand region. If you call from anywhere else you will be charged the normal toll call rates. Please ask your parents before calling. For toll prices, check with your telephone company.