Tribe News

News: 25th August 2000

Read below for latest news on a Kiwi Tribe connection, USA broadcast of the Tribe, a new Tribe fanzine, the launch of, a Kiwi Tribe Competition in New Zealand, and New Zealand broadcast news!

What is the connection…?

As an exclusive preview, you may recognise the picture on the left of the famed rugby left-wing, Jonah Lomu. There is a Tribe connection – but what is the connection between The Tribe, New Zealand, Cloud 9 (makers of the Tribe) and Jonah Lomu, star of the NZ All Blacks rugby team?

Members of the Official Tribe Fan Club should expect a message to their emails in the next day or two with more details about this connection…

If you haven’t yet joined the Official Tribe Fan Club, you can do so right now and join the tribe of members around the world by clicking here

USA broadcast news!

In the USA The Tribe has become a massive hit and the WAM! channel (part of Encore) will be having a special sci-fi festival from 25th August – 27th August – and the Tribe is part of the televised event. So check out WAM! or miss out!

And don’t forget that WAM! is having a Tribe marathon on Labor Day, 4th September, where WAM! is devoted to nothing else but the Tribe!

WAM! polled its viewers and the most popular programme to have a televised “marathon” (with episode after episode) is the Tribe, so Labor Day is Tribe Day!

August Tribe Trader online Fanzine

It’s out now! Yes, the August issue of the Tribe Trader online Fanzine is now available and YOU can check it out.

The latest issue has exclusive photos and info from the filming of the Tribe’s latest music video, “You belong to me” as well as interviews with Caleb Ross (LEX), Sarah Major (PATSY) and Jennyfer Jewell (ELLIE) – and new content for regular features like Caption Competition, Your Letters and Poems, Your Photos and Pictures – as well as a new Interactive Fun Quiz.

We hope you enjoy it and the September issue of the Tribe Trader will be live by 12th September 2000 with a few surprises in it!

Cloud 9’s own website is now up!

Yes, it’s true – is the website of the Cloud 9 Screen Entertainment Group, makers of The Tribe.

You can check out the site right now and find info about who Cloud 9 are, behind the scenes pictures of Cloud 9’s studios in New Zealand, and loads of information about Cloud 9’s other programming.

It’s a big site with over 3,000 links and 1,000 documents and you may find it interesting!

The site has only just begun and will be growing as time progresses – for example, with new announcements on Cloud 9’s new programming, as well as some exclusive video downloads – so if you want to keep updated, keep checking the site out!

New Zealand broadcast news!

We have been advised that TV3 in New Zealand is changing the time slot when the Tribe is broadcast due to the popularity of the series.

From Saturday 2nd September can now catch up with the Tribe every Saturday at 17.00 pm instead of 18.30 pm.

New Zealand competition with Channel Z FM

For fans in New Zealand, there is a new competition involving national radio station Channel Z.

The aim of the competition is to design your own Tribe character – and the lucky winners will become a star for the day, appearing in the Tribe, meeting the Tribe, going behind the scenes at the Cloud 9 Studios in Wellington!