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News: 1st September 2000

xclusive info on the first Tribe novel, USA Tribe news, the connection between The Tribe and Jonah Lomu is revealed, New Zealand news – and we need you! Read below and all is explained…

NEW Tribe Book “Power and Chaos”!

The first (of many) Tribe books is a novel called “Power and Chaos”.

The book is inspired by the pre-Tribe storyline in Tribe Series 2 (which as you may know features backstory elements set in time before the virus took place and looks at how Bray, Ebony, Trudy, Zoot, Lex and Ryan lived before the Tribe).

In the story in the book itself, the main theme examined is how Martin became Zoot – and we get more information on what the parents of Bray and Zoot were like. There are also some surprising twists of fate linked in with the virus and its great impact on the future…

“Power and Chaos” is the first Tribe book and is published with Random House. The book is released in New Zealand from 17th September.

But members of the Tribe Fan Club throughout the world have a special opportunity to purchase copies of the book through the Fan Club – please check out Tribe Store.

And when will the first Tribe books be released in the UK, Europe or the USA? – very soon. Watch this space for more information…

Labor Day is Tribe Day!!

For fans of the Tribe in the USA, don’t forget that Labor Day on Monday 4th September is Tribe Day!

The channel WAM! polled its viewers and the most popular show was the Tribe so Labor Day on WAM! is going to be a Tribe marathon where you can watch episode after episode, episode after episode.

It’s an opportunity to catch up with favourite episodes again or to watch any episode you may have missed.

Good luck USA on Labor Day – or should we say Tribe Day!

The connection between The Tribe and Jonah Lomu!

Many of you may have wondered what the connection is between The Tribe, Cloud 9 and rugby superstar, Jonah Lomu, following the teaser announcement in Guide News last week – and the rugby email questionnaire sent to members of the Fan Club.

Well first, thank you members of the Fan Club for all your replies and you are now in a draw to win some cool Tribe prizes.

Now the connection – you may know that Cloud 9 (makers of the Tribe) have set up a charity called the Cloud 9 Childrens’ Foundation. It’s an effort to try to make the world a better place by helping out those less fortunate in society – especially children who may be suffering cancer and terminal illnesses, as well as to improve the lives of autistic kids.

The Tribe was involved in a charity fund-raising event at the Cloud 9 Studios open day in June this year – and more special events are planned.

Rugby superstar Jonah Lomu is a key member of the New Zealand All Blacks rugby team, and also plays for Wellington Hurricanes and Wellington Lions – and Wellington is the city where Cloud 9 Studios is located, which is the place where The Tribe is filmed.

Jonah Lomu and The Tribe are getting together to help the Cloud 9 Children’s Foundation charity. Firstly, there is going to be a Jonah Lomu calendar for the year 2001-2002 and proceeds from the calendar go to the Cloud 9 Children’s Foundation charity.

Members of the Official Tribe Fan Club are able to buy copies of the Jonah Lomu calendar on Tribeworld – and why not? It would make a great gift for any rugby fans out there and also is helping a good cause via its charity contribution.

So now you know the connection between Jonah Lomu, the Tribe and Cloud 9!

We need you!

Yes we do! You may know that each month there is a new edition of the special online Tribe Trader fanzine magazine.

In the online magazine (which you can read over Tribeworld) we publish pictures and photos sent in by fans as well as poems and letters

Loads of pictures and photos have been sent in to date but we want more! Everyone who has a picture or photo published will get some cool Tribe autographed goodies.

It’s not too late and your pics (if you are quick) could still get in the September magazine, due for publication on the Internet on September 11th!

New Zealand broadcast news!

As a reminder don’t forget that from Saturday 2nd September can now catch up with the Tribe every Saturday at 17.00 pm (instead of the previous time which was 18.30 pm).