Tribe News

News: 12th September 2000

A new download? The first Tribe book? A special competition to meet The Tribe? A new Fanzine? A new live cast appearance on Tribeworld?

For more information on the above, read below…

Get a (down)load of this!

There is a new video download on Tribeworld – as you may know a few months ago there was a special Cloud 9 Studios Open Day in New Zealand for charity involving the Tribe and different celebrities.

Over 20,000 people attended the open day and raised funds for the Cloud 9 Children’s Foundation Charity.

We’ve got a special highlights video which looks back at the day’s events and features members of the Tribe cast in action.

There is also a new competition linked in with the new video download – and you’ll have to look closely to get the right answers!

Tribe book news

Don’t forget that the first Tribe novel (of many) called “Power and Chaos” (published by Random House) is going to be released from September 17th – initially in New Zealand.

We’ve had a sneak preview of the book and it’s an excellent read, all about how Zoot (Martin), Trudy, Bray and Ebony lived in the days before the virus changed the world forever. It also has a cool cover!

So all you Kiwi Tribesters – keep an eye out in leading book shops! Members of the Tribe Fan Club throughout the world can also order the book.

September issue of the Tribe Trader online Fanzine – now out!

Yes, it’s true. It is September. And it is time. Time for a new issue of the online Tribe magazine – Tribe Trader.

This month’s issue is packed full of some great interviews with The Guardian (Damon Andrews), Ryan (Ryan Runciman) and KC (Ari Boyland) – as well as regular features like Caption Competition, Interactive Quiz, Your Letters and Poems, and Your Pictures and Photos.

We hope you enjoy it – and the next monthly issue will be out in the first week of October.

Do you realise you can win a prize – the Tribe before your eyesŠ

What does that mean? It means that there is going to be a big charity bash/dinner/party in November to raise awareness and funds for the Cloud 9 Children’s Foundation charity.

Members of the Tribe cast will be attending the special dinner – and you can too. The dinner is going to be held in Wellington at a prestigious theatrical venue – so unfortunately this competition is only open to fans in New Zealand.

For details, please check the September fanzine.

Are you ready for Ebony (Meryl Cassie)?

Well are you? Because Ebony (Meryl Cassie) is going to be live and exclusive on Tribeworld on Monday 18th September at 08.00 am New Zealand time for an appearance on Tribe Talk.

Please note that due to the time difference this is Sunday 17th September at 21.00 pm UK time – or Sunday 17th September at 16.00 pm Eastern Standard Time USA.

Tribe Talk seems to be working again after there had been a bug in the system. Our technical people are trying their very hardest to sort out exactly where the bug is – but in the meantime, at least messages can be posted and replied to, so Meryl should be able to appear okay in a few days time. If anything untowards happens then we will let you know!