Tribe News

News: 18th September 2000

Tribe Questionnaire

You may have noticed there is an online questionnaire to do with The Tribe and the Official Tribe website, Tribeworld.

We try our very best to make Tribeworld be as good as it can be and the questionnaire asks some questions to the people who matter most – fans and viewers of The Tribe.

Your feedback and views are important to us and will help our continual efforts to make Tribeworld be as good as possible.

And if you fill in the questionnaire, your submission will go into a random draw where you can win some cool Tribe goodies. For those of you who fill in the questionnaire – thank you for your time and your opinions!

Not long now!

Yes, it’s not long now until October – when the lucky winners of the Channel 5/Sugar competition will be flying out to New Zealand for their prize to spend some time at the Cloud 9 Studios, meet The Tribe, and actually be in The Tribe!

It’s a fantastic prize and one that has excited loads of interest, so much so that a documentary crew will be filming “behind the scenes” with the prizewinners’ dream trip down under.

So only a few weeks to go until the big visit – and we’ll be covering what happens with some special feature content in Tribeworld from October!

And there’ll be another special competition in the near future where who knows? Maybe you could win a visit to meet – and be in – The Tribe!

Who is The Guardian?

Well what is it like being the bad guy in The Tribe? Who is the actor behind the role of The Guardian?

If you don’t know already, there is a special interview with none other than Damon Andrews (THE GUARDIAN) from Series 2 in the latest September online Tribe Trader fanzine.

And there are interviews too with KC (Ari Boyland) and Ryan (Ryan Runciman) as well as a new caption competition and some other surprises!

And please keep sending in your photos and pictures for the fanzine! Maybe your photo, picture, letter or poem will appear in an online issue soon!

It’s out!

An escaped lion? No, much more exciting – the first Tribe book.

“Power and Chaos” has hit the stores in New Zealand – and for more information, click me!

Goodbye for now…

Ebony (Meryl Cassie) appeared live on Tribe Talk on Monday 18th September New Zealand time (Sunday 17th September in Europe/USA) and enjoyed “chatting” with fans and viewers.

Who’s next?

You can be sure some member of The Tribe cast will be next. Members of the Tribe cast love to chat with fans around the world and you can expect more chats in the near future.

Tribe nominated for an award

Last weekend Dwayne Cameron (BRAY) flew out to LA in the USA to attend the GAIT television awards, where the Tribe had been nominated for an award.

Dwayne enjoyed being in LA but unfortunately The Tribe didn’t win, but at least it is good to get nominated! The Tribe has received fantastic critical acclaim and there is always the next awards ceremony to look forward to. More news soon…