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News: 26th September 2000

Listen to this… Tribe album update

As you may know The Tribe are not only great actors and actresses but are also talented singers, musicians and dancers – and the first (of several) Tribe albums is being released very shortly.

The first album has songs inspired by The Tribe and features lead vocalists singing including Meryl Cassie (EBONY), Caleb Ross (LEX), Dwayne Cameron (BRAY), Daniel James (ZOOT) – and all Tribe cast members feature on other tracks.

The album has been put together by a great songwriter-producer team with a tremendous track record – and it sounds fantastic.

So when is it being released? Well, the album will first be released in Australia and New Zealand from November this year – with other territories to follow in due course.

We’ll advise latest news and updates about the album – and a world tour by the Tribe – as soon as we can – you can find out right here in Guide News each week.

MIPCOM and the world

MIPCOM is the television festival held in Cannes in the south of France every October – where makers of television programmes and representatives from different channels, video companies and merchandisers get together.

Cloud 9 (makers of The Tribe) attends every festival and has its own stand for people to meet.

“The Tribe” Series 3 is now being produced in New Zealand (for latest, check out the Location Report) and Cloud 9 will be speaking with interested channels (of which there are loads) – and also about Tribe Series 2 and 1.

Cloud 9 also has a new programme that will begin production soon – it’s called “Atlantis High”.

And the world is going Tribal!

Yes it’s true – from the UK to New Zealand, from Finland to the USA, from Israel to Eastern Europe to Asia – The Tribe has become a massive hit with viewers around the world.

And more countries are starting to broadcast The Tribe very soon including Denmark, Canada, the Netherlands (both over 20 million people) and Germany (nearly 80 million people). That’s over 125 million people!

As new viewers and fans join the Tribe of viewers worldwide, we would like to say “hi!” and are sure existing fans and viewers will extend a warm welcome to new countries.

Thank you

We have had loads and loads of replies to the Tribe online questionaire. Thanks to everyone who has sent in replies – please keep them coming because we need to know what fans and viewers think.

Power and Chaos! Power and Chaos!

It means many things to many different people – and right now, Zoot’s legendary phrase is the title of the new and first (of many) Tribe novels based on the series! The book is now available in New Zealand so if you get a chance, why not have a look at your local bookstore to check out a great story about Zoot, Bray, Trudy and Ebony set in time before the virus…