Tribe News

News: 27th April 2001

Stop the PRESS!!! The cat is out of the bag!! Sit down for the best news this month!

TRIBE 4 is all go! It is Official, Tribe 4 is to start filming later this year.

This has the Cast and Crew of Cloud 9 are ecstatic and we know that you fans will think this is fantastic! Keep watchin for more of your favourite storylines and Tribe Characters filling your television screens.

For those finishing Series III, you have a while to wait to be able to see any more. But keep an eye for repeats, just in case you missed soem episodes by accident.

For those who are still in Series I & II, never fear, there is a lot more Tribe to be seen yet!

Keeping you posted with updates and firm dates as news comes to hand.

GERMANY – Joins the Tribe watchers!

Catch the Tribe on KIKA every week day at 4.55pm!

We are ecstatic to have on board now as an official broadcaster KIKA, German Children’s TV Channel. With a huge promotional campaign, and cast appearances, the hype for this show had the teens of Germany desperately waiting in anticipation of what was to come. We have heard that they were ecstatic it finally arrived and the fan base is increasing day by day with more and more German fans joining the Official Tribe fan club.

The Tribe series one started on KIKA on April 23rd to a massive audience all over Germany, and there will continue to be huge amounts of publicity.

If you know some German you can try and read all about the Tribe on The Official German Tribeworld site

You Better check out the latest Bulletin Board announcement

There is to be the most prolific chat session ever, coming up on Monday 30th April 2001.

Speak to none other than the creator of THE TRIBE – Raymond Thompson. For further information such as times, check out Ultimate Bulletin Board announcements

Tribe Series III in the UK almost finished

Well its going to be disappointing for UK fans because there is only a few more weeks of Tribe III to go. It has gone by in a flash, and in reality it was les than six months ago that filming for that Series finished! so it was hot of the press viewing.

It looks that there will be repeats of The Tribe on Channel 5 to keep you Tribe enthusiasts happy!

Tribe Single in Germany

In addition to the Tribe Album being released in Germany, “You Belong to me” is to be released as a hit single!

So German fans – go to your favourite music stores to check out availability.

Of course you can also try the entire CD, with lyrics on the inside cover, great pictures of your favourite cast members, and lists of which cast sang in what songs!