Tribe News

News: 3rd May 2001


TRIBE 4 is all go! It is Official, Tribe 4 is to start filming later this year, we are currently in pre-production and it looks to start filming in August 2001.

Cast and Crew are yet to be confirmed as the principle photography has yet to finish for Cloud 9’s latest production Atlantis High. But be sure to stay tuned for more of your favourite characters and storylines to return to your screens. Filming will commence later this year in August, and if Tribe III was anything to go by, there could be a very quick turnaround from end of filming to start of screening on Channel 5. There is a tentative month of release for January 2002!

For those finishing Series III, you have a while to wait to be able to see any more. But keep an eye for repeats, just in case you missed some episodes by accident.

For those who are still in Series I & II, never fear, there is a lot more Tribe to be seen yet!

Keeping you posted with updates and firm dates as news comes to hand.

There is an exciting new questionaire to fill out, where you can have your say about what you think about the Tribe, the characters, your views about education, holidays, and life in general. It would be great to get feedback from all of you. This is a chance to have your say!!! Click here for the Tribal survey.

TRIBE REPEATS ON CHANNEL 5 – tentative dates for summer holiday screenings!

We have had an announcement that Channel 5 is to repeat both Series II and Series III over the summer holidays. What is even better news is that it will be on every single day! We have some tentative dates following:

Monday 23rd July – starting Series II repeats everyday including weekends at 0900

Straight into Series III…

Saturday 18th August – starting Series III repeats everyday including weekends at 0900 until end of holidays (September 02), then it will be on at weekends only at 0900 with the last episode finishing approximately Sunday October 7th.

We will let you know if this is to change at all… so stay tuned and get ready for more of your favourite Tribe characters in repeat episodes.


Well due to website and internet problems, the last Bulletin Board chat with Cloud 9 Chief Executive and Tribe Creator Raymond Thompson was postponed to a later date.

The new date is:
New Zealand – Friday 4th May – 8.30am
London – Thursday 3rd May – 9.30pm
Germany – Thursday 3rd May – 10.30pm
Los Angeles – Thursday 3rd May – 1.30pm
New York – Thursday 3rd Mayl – 4.30pm
Helsinki – Thursday 3rd May – 11.30pm.

Additionally the fans of The Tribe are also treated to having another Tribe Talk to the one and only Victoria Spence – SALENE.

This is scheduled for:
New Zealand – Tuesday 8th May – 8.00am
London – Monday 7th May – 9.00pm
Germany – Monday 7th May – 10.00pm Los Angeles – Monday 7th May – 1.00pm
New York – Monday 7th May – 4.00pm
Helsinki – Monday 7th May – 11.00pm.

We know you’ll all log on for a long chat with the brains behind the Tribe – Raymond Thompson, and Tribe cast member Victoria Spence. Get your questions ready to rock on in to Tribe Bulletin Board in the This is the Place section.

FANZINE – May/June

This months Fanzine is currently under construction. Dont forget you are in for the chance to win fantastic Tribe Autograph cards if your picture or article gets published.

We have had some fantastic drawings in, some are becoming regular Tribe Character artists! (and must by now have the entire signed postcard collection!)

Be ready for the new fanzine, coming soon…


We have some fabulous new Tribe merchandise items becoming available through the Tribe Fan Club.

We will announce next week what the specific items are! So get saving and get ready to order your fab new Tribe gears soon…

More of the Tribe in WAM Tribe Marathon

Awesome news for the USA fans! There is an upcoming Tribe Marathon on WAM ENCORE in the USA, and will be hours and hours of being able to watch the Tribe.

Keep an eye out for special Tribe Greetings from some of your favourite characters.

ATLANTIS HIGH draws to a close…

“Nothing is quite what it seems…?”
and so is Atlantis High! There has been much anticipated interest in this brand new Series. Several episodes have been completed and are ready for Broadcasters to view, along with the Promo.

Filming for this series finishes on Tuesday next week, and then the Post Production process goes on for at least a month after this. It is a very fast and furious process to get the episodes ready for broadcast.

We will let you know where to view this series as soon as we get confirmed details. Watch this space wth baited breath… It is a fantastic new Series, light hearted and extremely comical and features a little of the unexpected.

Germany still cooking!!

Great news to hear that Germany is hugely successful in its launch of Tribe Series One.

There are many unofficial New Tribe sites being set up by German fans, which is great to hear of so much support already!

Bravo magazine has had many exciting articles and photos featuring the Tribe, and more to come!!!

You can check out Tribeworld in German at The Official German Tribeworld site