Tribestyle: Style of Tribal fun!


There is not much opportunity for fun and frivolity in the world of the Tribe.

Zoot and Trudy… a dream?

Each andevery day is a fight for food, a fight for necessities like clothes, fresh water and batteries. Each day is a fight for life.

There have been flashbacks to life in the days before the virus hit and we have seen that some of our favourite characters did have a bit of fun.

Bray and Trudy, pre-Tribe

They got to dress up for sports, parties and all the other things that we all enjoy ourselves.

And we have seen some happy times in the lives of the Mall Rats. There have been several weddings…Lex has been married twice. Once to Zandra and once to Tai San. Salene and Ryan got married too. That double wedding was a cause for celebration.There have been romantic picnics, traders markets, birthday celebrations, tribal gatherings and dance parties.

Some of the gang have even been known to get all dressed up for trips to the casino or local bar.

Salene in her wedding outfit

Patsy, Cloe and Zandra sometimes enjoyed getting all dressed up for no apparent reason. They most probably wanted to have a bit of fun in their otherwise traumatic and ever-changing lives. Just to be kids again. Or perhaps to feel beautiful.

There are no shops in this world and the only way to get new clothes is to trade for them, re-design them from old clothes that are found, or to make new ones from oddments that are lying around the place.

Hair and make-up reflects the individuals own creative expression and this is usually more evident at times of celebration or hardship.

Ellie and Salene have some fun!

However hard things get however, there is always someone to give you a cuddle and cheer you up, to have a bit of a laugh with and to keep things going.


Of course, the Tribal guys and gals do wear their costumes for promotional purposes and here are some exclusive piccies of the cast strutting their stuff for the fans.

Caleb Ross, Jennyfer Jewell, Meryl Cassie and Bevin Linkhorn participate in a Christmas Parade.

Even the Guardian (Damon Andrews) and Zoot (Daniel James) get to have some fun in a Christmas Parade (like the sunnies Big G!).