Tribestyle: Style and Personality

Your personality has a lot to do with your style. You may be an extrovert or an introvert. You may like to stand out from your peers or you may like to fit into the norm. What sort of personalities do the Mallrats have and how does it affect them?


Amber is very strong willed and knows what she wants and often how to get it. She has lots of courage and is a definite leader in her group. She has practical ideas that she follows through with. Amber is very caring and very sensible and all her friends respect her for her individual personality.


Bray is also a leader. He is great in tight situations and rallies the other Mallrats to join him in his ideas. He is quite a sensitive person and Amber has a great effect on the way he is feeling. He cares a lot about the other Mallrats and knows that because he is one of the oldest, it is his duty to defend and provide for the younger ones. He has been like a father figure to some of them and has made his attraction known to more than a couple.



Lex is very confident. He is not looked upon as a leader by the other Mallrats because of his injustices. He takes matters into his own hands and judges people the way he sees fit. Lex is not altogether uncaring though. He loves Tai San and does have a caring side, even if only occasionally seen. He doesn’t mind having his own opinion and definitely doesn’t do things just to please everyone else. Lex is very much an individual.

Tai San

Tai San is very spiritual and often this is misunderstood by other members of the Mallrats. She is very precise in her beliefs and tries to explain to the others, her way of thinking. Often she calms a situation by showing the others another way of looking at it but sometimes she fuels a situation and makes it worse because her beliefs are so strong.


Ebony is a schemer. She is always looking out for number one and most of the time she doesn’t care who gets in her way. She has always been attracted to Bray and he has always told her it is never going to be. This has only fueled her anger. She is a good leader and has some great ideas but it is all for her own agenda. She is strong willed and has no fears in saying what she believes. She can often be insensitive and say things that hurt someones feelings.