Tribestyle: Style and Where You Are

Our location and close environment affect our style. Someone who is born and spends their life only in a city would have a different style and outlook compared to someone else who is born and spends their life only in the countryside. This is because the way of life in the city is different to … Continue reading Tribestyle: Style and Where You Are

Pollution in the Tribe

From the beginning of Tribe Series 1, we often saw the Mall Rats at meal times. Because of the scarcity and shortage of food and valuable nature of anything they could get their hands on there would’ve been very few food leftovers/scraps. Patsy and Cloe are wandering the dirty streets with a bit of nature … Continue reading Pollution in the Tribe

Our Environment

One of the forgotten values in the modern world is the love of the environment. We live in silvered cityscapes. Cement and Chrome decorate our world like trees in a forest. The only truly natural element that we city-folk see is the sky…and that is often discoloured by smog and light-pollution. Our only connection to … Continue reading Our Environment