The Ocean

The water has featured strongly in many episodes of the Tribe and the last time we saw some of our favourite characters was when they were leaving the city behind them as they headed out to sea on a boat.

Where the boat is heading we are not sure – will Ebony and the rest of the gang sail up the coast and find themselves meeting up with old enemies who have settled out of town? Maybe the boat will take them to a different country altogether?

Perhaps the boat will sink? Or there might be a mutiny on board and the captain overthrown – who is the captain anyway?

Head for the water
The water is a vital life force for us all, considering that adult bodies are made up of around 75% of water. That might be the reason that so many of us are drawn to the water and feel restored and relaxed when we are near it.

A lot of people head to the beach when they have time off or when they feel stressed so that they can recharge their batteries. Some people find that they like to be on the water itself and go out on their boats for a day. And some people like to go fishing.

And some like to uh, build sandcastles…

Water, water everywhere?
There is a lot of ocean and sea on the earth and the largest and deepest of them all is the Pacific Ocean.

It is 155,557,000 kilometres in area and its deepest point has been measured at 11,033 metres.

As well as ocean and sea there are Great Lakes and rivers that are scattered across the earth and since time began, man has spent time on and in the water.

Unless we live in a desert, we are able to access water somehow – and not just from the tap! We can head to the beach or lake or river. Even if we live in a crowded inland city we most likely have swimming pools or fountains that we can get to. And life up a mountain can provide us with the most beautiful of water features, waterfalls.

It is all too easy to turn on the tap when we feel thirsty, run a deep bath or spend hours under the shower. But we shouldn’t take water for granted. Like the rest of the earth we inhabit, water has been leant to us to use while we are here but we should remember to look after it and leave some for our children and grandchildren.

It is up to us to make sure that we use water wisely and take care that we do not pollute it. Some people have the attitude that ‘it doesn’t effect me, why should I care?’ Well, you would soon care if you didn’t have any. If you were dehydrated to the point of passing out or if you had not been able to wash your skin for months. Then you would care. And just because you are lucky enough not to be effected directly does not mean that you should not care.

Water is a huge part of our lives even if we don’t realise it every day.