Weather and Natural Disasters

The world as we know it has a mind of it’s own and cannot be controlled by man. The earth is a living thing and is constantly changing.

Weather as part of the earth plays a big part in our lives. No one can really predict the weather. We have meterological services that can make short forecasts and hopefully warn us if a potentially damaging weather pattern is approaching. But in Tribeworld this service doesn’t exist.

If Tribeworld was hit by a natural disaster how would they cope?

Already in Tribeworld only the bare essentials are available anyway but during a natural disaster these would become even more scarce.

Possible Natural Disasters

  • Hurricane
  • Tornado/Cyclone
  • Earthquake
  • Flood
  • Fire

The Mallrats have already had a run in with fire. When the electricity was turned back on in Series 4 by the Techno’s, it caused all sorts of malfunctions in the circuits because they hadn’t been used for a long time. Mouse and Sammy were plugging in every appliance they could find and soon something shortcircuited and then burst into flames. Things could have turned out very differently if some of the older Mallrats hadn’t been there to help put it out.

If a fire broke out in the woods (perhaps from lightning) this could be a disaster for groups like the Eco-Tribe. Fire spreads very rapidly through wooded areas and they would need to move quickly to escape it. Knowing the Eco-Tribe they probably already have an escape plan…
Hurricanes / Storms
A bad storm or hurricane would pose other problems. For tribes not living within a building, their shelter could be torn to pieces and all their belongings blown or washed away.

A hurricane could cause flooding to low lying areas and most of the people in Tribeworld wouldn’t have boats to get away in. They’d have to move to higher ground and take with them whatever they could carry.

Earthquakes can reek havoc. If large enough they can flatten buildings, tear holes in roads and cause fires everywhere. If an earthquake struck in Tribeworld there wouldn’t be quite as much damage to be done compared to one hitting us in the real world.

In Tribeworld they can’t lose their watersupply if they don’t have one! But an earthquake would still be extremely scary and some buildings might not stand up to the pressure.

Good weather?
Yes there is such a thing as good weather and the people of Tribeworld need good weather from time to time. But for Tribeworld good weather also means rain. Water is precious and quite a few litres are needed each day for each person.

Uses for water in Tribeworld

  • Filtering and drinking
  • Washing clothes
  • Washing dishes/utensils
  • For bathing
  • Water for cooking
  • Water for growing crops

In the real world we probably often take water for granted. It’s so easily accessible yet if we found ourselves without it we wouldn’t know what to do.

They also need sunshine – this ensures good crops, dry clothes, and a smile on someones face.

We all enjoy summer and winter and every year they’re different. Some summers are hot and some aren’t as hot. Some winters are extremely cold and sometimes winters are milder.

Weather plays a big part in all of our lives. Sometimes we don’t realise how big.