The Power of the Media – Part One

This week we take a look at the major media force in Tribeworld, ‘The Amulet’. Next week we will take a comparative look at the media in the world as we know it today.

The Amulet
The Amulet as we know it today

What is the Amulet?

Regular publication to announce the latest news in Tribeworld. It was not only for those in Sector 10 but ideally used as a medium of communication for those further afield giving latest updates and news as it comes to hand.

Why was it needed?

It was identified that people needed to know what was news, what was happening around Tribeworld, events, particularly updates on the virus, the antidote.

Where did the name come from?

Previously, there was a ‘Tribe Trader’ which was distributed around town. This publication ceased for a while but when it restarted, it needed a facelift – a new style which was more attractive to be read – and so it was named ‘The Amulet’.

The idea of the name ‘Amulet’ and logo came about because an amulet had recently been found by Dal on the farm. Alice had given it to Tai San for luck but she didn’t want it or really believe in it – so she passed it to Ellie. It gave her the inspiration and innovation to use it as a name for the paper – her pride and joy.

Location in the Mall?

The room that housed ‘The Amulet’ as we know it was located on the bottom floor of the mall in the old delicatessen/supermarket shop. There were notice-boards, blackboards and whiteboards which were used for plans for news items, noting news and events and who was to do what tasks. Furthermore there were old/previous publications stuck to the walls and notice-boards.

Who was responsible for the running of it?

Together the ‘Amulet’ was firstly the responsibility of Ellie and Jack. Then when jack left Tribeworld and Luke entered, Luke supported Ellie in her strive for excellence in bringing the truth to the people in Tribeworld.

Jack had previously looked after the Tribe Trader, and was a little selective in what he told the world. More specifically he had the Mall Rats welfare at heart when he wouldn’t let Ellie promote the fact that the antidote was no longer needed.

Jack loved to be close to Ellie and so working closely with her on The Amulet was the perfect way to spend time with her.

Even when Jack disappeared Ellie was in charge of presenting news items to Tribeworld – she strived to find the perfect story. Of course she had started to enlist the help of Luke.

Luke and Ellie were a good team until the Guardian kidnapped Luke – he then was suspected to be changing back to his old ways. OR was it really his old ways or just the way he always was? No doubt about it Ellie had fallen for him in a big way.

Will the Amulet continue with all the Power & Chaos coming again to Tribeworld?

Now that Luke has gone from Sector 10 will Ellie have the inspiration to continue with producing The Amulet? Will the onset of new existence in Tribeworld be just the major story Ellie has been searching for?