Crime and Punishment in Tribeworld

Who Polices Tribeworld?

Who are the baddies and goodies in Tribeworld and who deals with them? With no formal Justice system it makes it hard in Tribeworld. In our world we have police men and woman, court systems, and prison systems. Tribeworld has none of these.

In Tribeworld who says stealing is wrong? You have to survive so you have to be tough in the world out there. If you don’t keep your guard your going to lose out. Is this the way Tribeworld should be thinking? Having so many different tribes all over Tribeworld makes it hard for a justice system to be put in place. When everyone agrees or when a leader is elected, issues like justice can be put in place.

Some Tribes tend to take justice into their own hands.

The Guardian for instance is someone who does everything in his power to create chaos. He thinks the world should revolve around Zootism and Power and Chaos. He makes slaves of those unbelievers and treats nearly everybody badly. This type of ruling creates disorder and confusion which leads to crime. He is turning more and more people into believing that power brings everything you could ever want. The Guardians type of justice is execution and slavery. What justice should the Guardian face if it ever comes down to it?

It seems that throughout The Tribe trials have been held by the Mallrats for all sorts of reasons. A trial is often the fairest way in determining punishment and accountability. It is seen from both sides and a prosecution and a defence are heard.

In Tribe III, Luke is put on trial. He handed himself in to answer for the Chosen’s mistakes. Although he was a servant of the Guardian and may have felt he had no choice at times, he was still involved with the Chosen and was put on trial for justice to be served. He felt guilty for the way the Chosen had treated people. He wanted to pay for the crimes they committed. Luke felt that he should stand trial and be executed if found guilty.

Amber was assigned as the Judge and a trial was held. Luke was found guilty, but Amber decided that Luke was remorseful and that living with his crimes was the best punishment.



Lex – Sheriff

Lex becoming Sheriff was a power trip. Lex loves to be in charge and doesn’t always make the right decisions. He abuses his power and takes advantage of it. He can never see things from both sides and is always looking for the way that will benefit him. Take May for instance. He thought he should take it into his own hands to punish