There are many people who suffer unknowingly from anxiety and panic attacks and several people in tribeworld have been through this.

After the death of Pride Salene found that she could not cope with real life and retreated into herself somewhat. She wanted to lock away the pain that she was feeling and get on with life but the more she tried to put things behind her the more her pain came out in weird feelings.

Salene is a strong person but more and more often she is finding that she cannot cope with normal life and routines. Nothing seems important after her loss of her soulmate and partner and she stumbles through the day just trying to make it to the night when she can go to sleep and dream of the life she had – or could have had – with Pride.

Poor Trudy has really been through the mill with her emotions and a lot of it was due to the postnatal depression that she suffered after Brady’s birth.

Trudy is a vulnerable soul who needs to know that she is in a position of stability and is being looked out for. She can also be a very strong person and so she finds it very hard when she does suffer feelings of panic and insecurity.

Just when she seems to be in control of a situation something bad happens and she finds that nothing was as it seemed. This brings out all of her old feelings of worthlessness and she becomes agitated and grumpy as well as jumpy and scared.

This strong lady has suffered some terrifying moments lately. She has been seeing Zoot and to begin with these visions scares the living daylights out of her.

Ebony was convinced that she was going mad and perhaps this scared her even more than the actual sightings of Zoot himself.

She is so used to being in control of a situation and it is very rare that she shows her soft and vulnerable side to anyone, even to herself.

Ebony felt panicky and had all the physical signs and symptoms of anxiety as her heart raced every time she saw Zoot and her skin would prickle with goosebumps.

Ram is a strange one to say the least. He lived in his own little world where he was an obsessive recluse intent on controlling the city and its inhabitants when he was the leader of the Technos.

But at the root of his character there is a little boy longing to get out. We have all seen the sulky and petulant side of Ram but he also has a tender and vulnerable side that not many people have seen.

He is genuinely terrified that he cannot make it in this New World and he suffers very real physical and emotional pain due to his anxiety about the world he is in and what his position is.

Anxiety can surface in many ways and a lot of people find that they have weird feelings, feelings of breathlessness or that their throat is closing, feelings of dizziness and confusion.

Panic attacks are where everything closes in and you feel that you have no control. You can often feel clammy and your heart races. You might feel dizzy and confused. The world seems to slow down and things around you look as if they are in slow motion. Sound can appear to be much louder than normal and all your senses are almost in overdrive.

It is always important to recognize that you are having these feelings and that they need to be addressed by someone who can help you. You should see your local health care provider if you are experiencing feelings similar to these and don’t worry, you would be so surprised at the amount of people that have the occasional panic attack, particularly at times of stress.

But other people do suffer more regularly with these attacks and feelings and it is vital that if you are one of these people that you seek help. You will feel better in no time once you have the support of your doctor and he/she will have seen this type of thing more than you can imagine so there is no need to feel worried about admitting it to yourself or to anyone else.