Development – Part 2

So what else is involved in development?

We are all born with our own personality and our parents or those who knew us when we were babies will have many embarrassing stories to tell us about what we got up to!

The way that our personalities develop will have a lot to do with the way that we are brought up and what our caregivers and those around us believe in.

Teenagers often rebel against what their elders think but it is actually more likely than not that the same morals and values will be there deep down.

The way that we think and behave can also be shaped by events that happen to us along the way.

For example, someone who loses a parent when they are a child might look at the world in a different way to the person that still has their parents, as they grow older.

Those who go through traumatic times like family break-ups, illnesses or abuse will find that they can become quite different people due to the situations they have been put through.

Social Skills
Another form of development is with the way that you relate to other people and socialise with them. Some people are naturally shy and others are the life and soul of the party.

Whichever way you behave can change as you grow older and as you move in different circles.

Salene started out as a family person and was fairly timid and weepy a lot of the time. But as she has grown older and gone through different experiences she has developed into a fighter and has a lot of spirit.

Pride has a strong sense of morals and ideals but even he changed when he came across Paradise and The Game.

Life Skills
Development takes place all through our lives and even when we are old and grey there will still be something new to learn, new experiences to savour.

Places we go, people we see, work places and colleagues, these all play a part in helping us form the way that we look at the world and the way that we treat ourselves and other people.

Through meeting the Mall Rats Jay decided that he shared the same set of ideals as they did and he changed tribe. As did Lex, Ebony and Luke among others.

There are many different ways that we develop throughout our lives. So sit back and enjoy what life has to offer! Savour the experiences and lessons that you come across.

They’re all part of what makes you who you are!