Development Part 1

What does development mean exactly?

1. The act of developing.
2. The state of being developed.
3. A significant event, occurrence, or change.
4. A group of dwellings built by the same contractor.
5. Determination of the best techniques for applying a new device or process to production of goods or services.

We are all developing each and every second of the day, even when we’re not aware of it!


Perhaps the most obvious form of development to us all is the process of changing from child to adult both physically and emotionally. This process is called puberty.

We grow taller and bigger right from the minute we are born but there are definite chemical and hormonal changes that start to take place in our bodies as we reach a certain age group and all this is geared up to turn us into adults.

Hair starts to grow in funny places, male voices start to break and we start to become sexually attracted to other people. Girls also start to get ready for bearing children.

Getting taller

Girls generally start to get taller earlier than boys do and this happens at around about the age of eleven or twelve. Obviously it can depend on your genes and how tall your parents are as to how quickly and how tall you will become.

Boys start noticing a definite change in their height at around the age of fourteen when they generally gain several inches on their female classmates.

Making space!

Girls also start to develop rounder hips as their pelvis grows to make room for pregnancy. This change in body tone and shape can be quite distressing for girls who are eager to stay slim-looking. However it is a natural process and with healthy diet and exercise there should be nothing to worry about!


Boys tend to get a bit more muscular at this stage and as well as getting taller their shape changes too though not in as pronounced a way as girls shapes change.

Fellas will get broader chests and their hips will remain slim, which gives the classic triangle shape.


When your body is changing and your hormones are raging out of control it is really easy to fall into bad eating patterns.

There are so many teenage girls and boys that turn to food for comfort or turn away from food altogether.

Anorexia, bulimia and overeating are all forms of eating disorders that can affect many young people and it is really important to maintain a realistic and positive mindset when it comes to your body and food.

Basically you need to eat! Your body needs fuel and if you don’t eat properly your body will start to shut down.

However if you eat too much of the wrong thing then your body will become fat and it will take your organs much longer to digest food and process it all.

The best way to do things is to eat healthily. There’s nothing wrong with eating the odd takeaway or choccie bar but you should be eating heaps and heaps of veggies and fruit to make your skin glow and your hair shiny.

Healthy eating can also help your skin, as we all know what it’s like to suffer from spots and pimples.

Young women also need iron as anaemia can be a problem and can leave you feeling totally exhausted.

Please check with your local healthcare provider for further details and if you ever feel worried or feel that you might be suffering due to food related issues you must seek help immediately. Far too many young people die each and every day due to eating disorders. You’re too valuable for that. Don’t become a statistic.

‘The Curse’

Okay, yes it is a pain and not the most pleasant thing to talk about but all girls start to get their periods during puberty and this is just one of those things that we have to put up with!If you are worried about this at all or are experiencing severe pains or mood swings, please see your local health care provider.

Otherwise, get a hot water bottle and get on with things! The pain is usually bearable and with a bit of exercise (with a choccie bar in one hand) you’ll get through your monthly cycle without any problems at all.

And remember it is possible to get pregnant while you are menstruating!

Cracking highs

Guys have to put up with their voices breaking. They can be talking all normally one minute and the next they sound like a cross between a choirboy and a wrestler.

This can all be very embarrassing but don’t worry, it won’t last long and before you know it your voice will find it’s natural tone.


Puberty can be a real drag but just hang on in there and you’ll be just fine. There are a multitude of books and websites that cover all the topics that you will be going through and please remember to talk to someone if you ever feel worried about anything.

Tribal changes

Well there have been some major issues covered in the various series of The Tribe and you can read about topics ranging from bulimia to depression, alcoholism to pregnancy in the archive section of Tribestyle. Find out what Salene, Trudy, Lex and other tribal guys and girls went through.