Tribestyle: Style and Who You Are

Each of us is a unique person with a unique personality. There never has been someone else like us before and there never will be someone else like us in the future. Each of our own style expresses who we are. Each character in the Tribe is unique too – and their style is shaped … Continue reading Tribestyle: Style and Who You Are

Celebrity and fame in The Tribe

According to Andy Warhol, everybody gets their 15 minutes of fame. With fame comes the possibility of: Wealth Recognition Adoration A dream lifestyle Mixing with the rich and famous A feeling of success and achievement A chance to be remembered A chance to use your celebrity to benefit worthy causes If you dream of stardom … Continue reading Celebrity and fame in The Tribe

Overcoming shyness

Many of us are shy in certain situations. To be shy can mean being afraid to make mistakes and having a feeling of awkwardness, particularly at social events. Shy people are often quite self-critical and self-conscious and can elevate other peoples abilities and ideas at the expense of their own. Shyness can range from being … Continue reading Overcoming shyness