Time to be alone

Finding time to be alone.Everyone needs space at certain times. We’re generally social beings and we like to mingle, converse and have relationships with others but we also like to have time to ourselves so we can gather our thoughts.
With a large group of people living together like the Mallrats it must be hard for them to find time to be by themselves. The younger children often need supervision and that means someone always has to be with them and not everyone wants to play babysitter. There is always something on the go and the Mallrats always consult each other on decisions, so often group meetings are held.With so many people living together there are also bound to be conflicting personalities. It’s hard to get along with everyone; there is often someone that isn’t the sort of person you like. Throughout life you will always come across people you don’t like.

Sometimes we have to put aside differences and try to live in harmony for the sake of our sanity and the sanity of others. If everyone was fighting and bickering all the time it would end up driving everyone insane and it would be impossible for everyone to stay under the same roof.

Time out is a great way to unwind and relax. It’s a time to gather our thoughts and remind ourselves who we are. We can get so tied up in life and every day things that we forget to reflect on who we are and what we want out of life.

A few of the characters in Tribeworld like going to the roof of the Mall for time out. It’s away from everyone else and its quiet.

There are some people who definitely like to have time on their own in Tribeworld.

Never totally comfortable with crowds and the ways of other people, Pride liked to be by himself a lot. He found comfort in the countryside where he was free to be himself and not answer to anyone. He liked the feel of the wind in his hair and the sound of the birds singing rather than the screams of the Locos as they screeched round the streets of the city. Pride did not just like the countryside because of the beauty but because it gave him the time to be on his own and to become one with nature. To rely in his own instincts and to have the time to think clearly.

This girl loved a good time as much as the next person but she also embraced the opportunity to be on her own. She found it important to have some spare time every day in which she could meditate and gather her thoughts and emotions. She felt that space and tranquility gave her the chance to centre herself and be a better person. Time for refection gave her the ability to focus on what she needed to do and the way in which she needed to behave to get by on the cruel world that she lived in.

Now this guy was also happy to be with people but perhaps he was happiest when he was on his own, away from all the hassles of being the sensitive, caring, new age man of the Mall Rats. He liked to go skateboarding and a walk in the countryside on his own meant that he had time to think about his life and what had happened to his family, particularly his brother Martin.

Time alone is very important to this guy. He is never entirely comfortable around others and is unsure of social skills and graces. He thinks about himself first and foremost, not particularly because he is a bad person but because he doesn’t know how to treat people. He likes to be on his own so that he can tinker with his beloved computers and he also feels that he can get better answers that way!

The Guardian loved to be on his own because that meant he could commune with Zoot and think up some really weird plans to enable him to take over the city.

Ruby finds that she gets very little time out because she is always working at the saloon. She likes to find the time to pamper herself a bit and have a bit of R&R so that she can go out and face the dodgy types that come into Liberty. She also thinks it is important to have some time to groom herself so that she looks her very best for Slade.

Sal has found that she loves to be on her own with her best friend – a bottle of alcohol. She was devastated when Pride died, she couldn’t believe that she had lost another love. She could often be found on her own in her bedroom or on the roof, sitting and thinking of all she had lost. Thankfully she seems to have regained her senses and with the love and support of her friends is realizing that too much time on her own is probably not a good thing.

We should all make time at least once a day to have some time to ourselves – it helps keep us sane. So long as we do not lock ourselves away from life and try to live in our dreams, a half an hour a day at least is vitally important for a healthy mind and a happy soul.

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