Culture n 1. Ideas, customs and art of a particular society 2. Particular society

We are all totally different to each other, as we have varied genetic make-ups and a different way of looking at the world.
This way of looking at the world is determined in part by our genes, by the way that we were brought up and from the surroundings we were brought up in.

Different place, different ideas
To someone living on a farm, culture involves what is important to that person. Getting up early, looking at animals purely as working creatures rather than pets, furnishings in the house to fit in with the lifestyle of a farmer, traditions involving the harvest of crops, festivities such as Christmas and birthdays altered to fit in with the work that has to go on at the farm, etc.

Someone living in a part of Africa will relate to particular music and art that comes from the land, to clothing that fits in with the hot climate and no Christmas celebrations.

To some people living in the Western World culture means going to the theatre, having art in their homes, celebrating Christmas, Easter and birthdays as well as other holidays such as the summer break.

Although someone may live in England it does not mean necessarily that they will have a roast dinner every Sunday followed by a cream tea and cucumber sandwiches whilst listening to classical music or watching cricket. Some British folk do this but not all.

Likewise someone living in America will not necessarily eat hamburgers and pancakes at every given opportunity then get plastic surgery, emotional therapy and sing the national anthem whilst watching baseball.

Every person is different and it is only in the last century or so that people have learned somewhat to treat other people’s cultures with respect and indeed to take on some of what is one person’s culture and adopt it as their own.

Many modern day traditions have come to light after being developed and molded along the way. Christmas for example is now more of an almost global celebration where most people have heard of Santa Claus and have embraced the bringing of presents into their homes.

What started out as a religious celebration has morphed into one that people of many religious persuasions and beliefs can partake in. Christmas trees and the decorating of homes have developed from traditional Norse ideas. Santa Claus developed along the way from a popular legend in Scandinavia mixed in with some Coca-Cola media input.

Easter has also developed along the way. A Pagan celebration from the early ages, Easter became a more religious event that has in turn become an excuse for a holiday surrounded by chocolate eggs.

All together now
It seems that because many people from different backgrounds and races are now living in close proximity that various cultures have amalgamated and become something that others can join in with and relate to.

In times gone by different cultures were more noticeable and differentiated those from various countries because travel and living in other countries was something that was not open to the normal person on the street.

Of course people still have their own values and mind sets in many ways and there are some beliefs that Buddhists have that do not correlate to those of Jewish faith for example.

And the culture in some countries definitely remains very different to that in others. These differences can range from very subtle ones to quite complex ones.

In France young children are allowed to drink watered down wine with dinner.

In Spain children stay up late as families often do not start their dinner until after 8pm.

Italy is still a very religious nation.

In Africa many children are sent out to work to contribute to the household’s earnings.

In China it is said that parents are only allowed to have one child due to the population explosion.

And in Japan it is normal for children to be sent to after school classes and to develop their academic abilities.

Cultural conundrums
So there are still some differences in culture and that is part of what makes travel so exciting. It is great to be able to see how other people live and what they believe is important.

But it is also great that some cultures have adopted ideas from other cultures and that in some of the larger cities in the world it is possible to get a taste of this as you walk from one area to another and see mixed marriages, schools that have many different races of pupils and areas that have different races of people living in close proximity with each other.
This can always bring about problems as some ignorant people think that it is important to keep one culture totally separate from another. Problems include those of racial issues, religious arguments and work ethics.

It is fair to say that it is important to embrace each new culture that we come across and that there is something to be learned from most people that we meet.

Tribal Culture

There are many different races of people living in Tribeworld. Various cultures seem to have become joined as one due to the fact that the city is a large one that has had people of all races, creed and colour living in it for a very long time.
People in Tribeworld celebrated Christmas, Easter and birthdays at one time and had a great interest in the theatre, movies and art as well as in history and adopted various forms of religion as their own.

Since the adult population died out thought the culture of Tribeworld is now that of pure survival.
Stories told and songs sung tend to be of the latest fights to save the city and the Mall Rats have become local heroes for saving the day time and time again.

Plays or puppet shows involve the same tales of fights as well as those of survival and of the times of the Virus and how it wiped out the adults.

Birthdays and other celebrations tend to be low key at the moment as people are more interested in just getting through each day.

It will be fascinating to see how the culture of Tribeworld changes as the kids start to grow up and teach their own children what life is all about and what is important.

And most of the kids in Tribeworld are still just finding that out for themselves.