Tribeworld has been subjected to many invasions since the adult population died out and there have been numerous attempts by various crazies to take control of the city.

To invade a city or country you need a leader and this week we take a look at leaders and why they believe that they should rule.

A Dreamer Or A Doer?
What is it about the human psyche that makes even the mildest mannered person want to rule the world?

We all have ideals and dreams of how we would do things if we were able. It is natural to want the world to be as good as it can be.

Many girls have dreams of being a princess, of living in a beautiful castle, wearing expensive clothes, driving fancy cars and being romanced by their very own Prince Charming.

Or of being a modern day princess – a pop star, who gets to travel the world, wear all the latest fashions and go on dates with the most eligible bachelors around.

And guys dream of driving fast cars!

Making it real

Many of us also have dreams of what we would do if we had enough money.

These dreams range from fulfilling our own fantasies of being able to buy what we want, travel where we want and live where we want to those of people who want to make the world a better place for those who have less than the rest of us.
Of orphans finding families, of the poor having homes and a good way of life. Of famine victims or those affected by war to have at least the basics that everyone needs and deserves to survive.

Sometimes we manage to realize some of our dreams as we get older and start to make our own choices as to how we live and what occupation we go into.

A lot of people help those less fortunate than ourselves by donating to charities or travelling overseas to make a difference in person by working in war torn or famine ravaged countries.

Taking it too far

There are some people who have a burning desire to help shape their community and the world and they realize these dreams by getting into law, journalism or politics.

But there are a few people who get carried away with their dreams and truly believe that if they took over their city, country or their planet that they could have things run just the way they want.

These people are either totally power hungry or just plain crazy, mostly both!

To have idealistic dreams is one thing and it is fair to say that the vast majority of the people on this planet would like the same things.

Those are, among others and in no particular order, peace, an end to racism and discrimination in general, good health, freedom of choice and enough money to be able to live comfortably.

Mad and Bad

To have plans in mind however that include wiping out certain religions, cultures and races and to make everyone do exactly what you want them to do is just plain wrong!

But it happens. It has happened throughout history and it still happens today.

It seems madness to most of us the things that these people believe in and it is absurd to think that these people can attract a whole army of others who believe in the same things.

People like Adolph Hitler for example. He was a highly intelligent man as are most of the dictators and madmen that want to run things the way they see fit. He was a great orator, a public speaker who made people believe in him purely from the speeches he made.

This type of person really think in their hearts and souls that what they stand for is right. They can speak with total conviction because they really and truly believe in what they are saying and in what they stand for.

They see absolutely nothing wrong with the choices they make which can include killing hundreds of thousands of innocent people.

What is perhaps more worrying though is the fact that these madmen themselves could not take over a city or country. They have to have people that believe in them to help them in their plans for power. And there are always plenty of people to step up to help.

Following the Leader
Leaders of any type tend to be strong- minded individuals who are good public speakers and have an ability to make others want to be near them, to be like them and to be liked by them.

They hold a certain power over other people, people who tend to be shy or have low self esteem, people who blossom under the attention of such a leader. People who become mesmerised, brainwashed, hypnotised almost by the promises that these leaders make.

Tribal Crazies…

Martin was essentially a nice guy. He was brought up in the same way as his brother Bray but strayed from what was right when his father died and he started to have problems at school.

Martin most likely had some kind of mental health issues as he truly believed that Power and Chaos was the answer and that he was the best person to be the leader of the city.

He reigned with terror and took great joy in careering round the streets in his customized police car and chasing little kids around.

He burned the books and vandalized buildings, taking the city as his own with Ebony by his side.

The Guardian
Jaffa was in Martin’s class at school. Always something of a loner he gravitated towards this amazingly angry guy who wasn’t afraid to stand on the desk and shout for what he believed in.

Jaffa and Martin developed a friendship of sorts and when Martin became Zoot, Jaffa followed him in his quest to rule the city.

When Zoot died Jaffa became The Guardian. He believed that Zoot was talking to him from the Other Side and wanted him to carry on with the taking of the city.

He set up a cult by preying on those who needed someone to turn to, something to believe in and brainwashed those he found wandering the streets to believe in what he was ‘hearing’ from Zoot.

It took a bit of planning but in a relatively short period of time The Guardian and his tribe of The Chosen took over the city.

A technical genius and forward thinker, RAM burst in to the city from out of nowhere.

With his group of Technos he first brought terror and then reliance into Tribeword. He believed that technology was the way to go and that everyone deserved to share in the fruits of his labours, of what he thought was a better way of life through The Game and Paradise.


Always one to be the centre of attention Ebony seems to want to run the city so that she can live in a style to which she wants to become accustomed to.

She is a modern day Cleopatra who doesn’t want to change many things about the city but does want to ensure that she is looked up to and treated with respect.

She also wants to take what is the best of the city and make it her own. A grand place to live, good fresh food, beauty treatments and the very best of fashion at her fingertips as well as a healthy relationship with a guy is what this chick wants.

Each of these leaders has a very different way of wanting to control the city and they also had a different way of invading and taking control.

There have also been some other people along the way who have wanted to control the city and we will look at them next time as well as at the various forms of invasion that each of the leaders have adopted throughout their time in Tribeworld.