Invasion Part 2

Invaders take many shapes and forms and there have been many colourful characters in The Tribe that have tried to take over control of the city.

Guess Who?
His love of colour and fashion knows no bounds; he’s the RingMaster of the city.

Yes, it’s Top Hat!

What a way to try to take the Mall. Storming in with his Tribe Circus of followers all ready for a rumble – and did anyone else see the Elvis lookalike in there?

A surreal and not overly clever way of trying to take control soon ended when the Mall Rats won the battle and Top Hat was defeated.

A seemingly strong character, Top Hat showed that he really only had visions of the event as a show rather than a battle plan.

A hard chick that you wouldn’t want to cross in a dark alleyway – Moz.

Dressed in a killer catsuit and a mask that would take your eyes out, Moz brandished a whip that looked like it would be sure to hurt!

Surrounded by dozens of other Mozzies, this chick was certainly a strong contender for any battle she chose to wage but in the end perhaps her army of girls just wasn’t enough to do any damage to the city.

Ways of Invasion.

There seem to be two main types of invasion tactics used in tribeworld.

One is a launch of attack that is purely physical where one tribe goes against the other and fights.

Some tribes are better organised than others and make a plan to invade the city under cover of darkness for example.
The second method of invasion is psychological.

The ChosenThe Guardian chose to try to get into the minds of the city people and preyed on those who needed someone to follow and something to believe in.

After the Big G. managed to get several in his power he started to bring in novices – people who weren’t entirely convinced with what he had to say but were willing to be persuaded in exchange for safety and security.


In history the most successful invaders have been those who are highly trained and have a strong leader.

A good strategy is vitally important and involves elements such as fighting; psychological games and cutting off certain things that are essential to life.

Cutting off electricity in the dead of winter for example is a good way to get those that live in a city or country desperate to get on the good side of the invaders. This is so that they can restore the electricity and heat their homes in the cold weather in order to survive.

Other elements would include cutting off a water supply so that people get sick with Dysentery or dehydrate. Or holding all food supplies to make sure that people get desperate and malnourished to the extent that they are begging for food and have to accept the invaders so that they can eat again.

Propaganda is another important factor in invasion. It is important to make sure that the people fighting under a leader know that they are on the right side and that the people that live in the town or country the leader is trying to invade think that he’s not so bad after all.

Techno Attack!

Perhaps the most memorable invasion in The Tribe came in the form of the Technos.
Who can forget the ominous ending to series 3 when soldiers were seen jumping from planes in the sky?

RAM was undoubtedly a mastermind. He had all the right elements woven together to create the perfect invasion.
He had an army of Technos that believed in him and he had (or so he thought) strong people in command of his troops – like Jay.

The element of surprise was the big draw card for the Technos because nobody in the city thought in their wildest dreams that people would be flying overhead their New World in planes!

The Technos followed this surprise up by driving through the streets in armoured vehicles showing that the Technos were a force to deal with.

Holding back medical supplies, food and other benefits soon got the people in the city angry. RAM then showed them he was actually a nice guy (all part of his master plan) by turning the electricity back on and by supplying safety and security to the city as well as something for the kids to do in the form of The Game.

When the city had what they wanted they soon accepted the Technos and all that they stood for. And when the propaganda kicked in and Ram’s face was seen on posters and the Game all over the city, people believed in him all the more.

What a leader! And what an invasion!


But another great leader was Mega who obviously learned a thing or two from his old commander RAM.

Mega took all the technology and made it his own in a magnificently planned bid to take the city as his own.

By using psychological mind tricks with Ebony and the technology of creating a hologram of Zoot, Mega soon held all the power in his hands.

He used propaganda to tell the city that he was helping them and he made the Mall Rats his cover. By pretending that they were on his side (which they were to start off with) he gained the trust of the city who soon saw that he was no RAM and meant no harm.

What now?

But now there is no city left to invade! Will the Mall Rats become invaders themselves? Will the desperation of not being in their own environment drive them to try to take on another city as their own? After all, they are used to being the one trine that people look up to now…