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Fans of The Tribe and Cosplay!

Many fans of The Tribe love to dress up as characters from the series, or are inspired to create their own Tribal look drawing upon influences from actual characters.  Over the years, fans have cosplayed from their schools, homes and met up at sci-fi and fantasy conventions around the world to show their creations.tribe-cosplay-1

The Tribe has a distinguished ‘look’ reflecting the world that its inhabitants live in, where young people are free to express themselves in how they feel and to show their identity with no limits, except the imagination – and it is great to see fans of The Tribe following suit and coming up with some amazing cosplay.

tribe-cosplay-2In the last week, some fans have posted on social media their imaginative Tribal cosplay – and we thought we’d show ‘tribute’ and honour these fans in particular, as well as the many fans who have cosplayed over the years.

So the two Techno inspired characters are cosplayed by ‘Mave Cosplay’ from the Netherlands, who got together with her best friend Nancy to channel their inner Techno.

And the Zoot Cosplay pictures here show the cosplay of Mathilde (TillyTildeCosplay), a Tribe fan from Norway who took 2 years from start to finish to bring this recreation of the mighty Zoot to life in time to premiere it at the NärCon convention, held in July 2016, drawing together thousands of fans from all over Scandinavia.

Well done to both on capturing the flavour and essence of The Tribe – and some meticulous detail, closely matching the actual look and style of the costumes used by the characters in The Tribe.

tribe-cosplay-3We would love to see some more cosplay of The Tribe so if you are a cosplayer or used to cosplay in the past, we’d love if you shared your cosplay pictures on The Tribe’s official social media outlets (,, and we’ll put together a gallery of cosplay to display here on the website for the enjoyment of fans around the world – and to pay homage to those incredible cosplayers who have in turn paid homage to The Tribe via their cosplay.

And to check out some more cosplay from our featured artists/fans, check out and

Keep the cosplay alive  – and the dream stays alive!