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In support of Buttercup and her impossible dream

We’ve had a lot of enquiries about Buttercup/Lena’s ‘Impossible Dream’ and what can be done to assist.  Basically Ray was approached through his charity (the Cloud 9 Children’s Foundation which assists those touched by Aspergers) and was very humbled that Lena had been inspired and actually contacted her and they spoke about a month ago.

Buttercup is a huge fan of The Tribe (her favourite TV show 🙂 ) who lives in Germany.  Her ‘impossible dream’ is to visit New Zealand, where The Tribe was made – and an inspiring documentary short film has just been released which follows Buttercup as she takes her first steps on her journey.

There are some follow ups which have occurred to this touching video and Ray is/will be in touch with The Tribe cast – all of whom have pledged their support in any which way (they are all special people) and without giving away any spoilers, Ray has some plans in place.

As you’ll see from the short video on hitRECord, Lena has been practicing some short trips. But rest assured that all within Tribeworld (let alone through the Cloud 9 Children’s Foundation) are certainly committed to doing all that we can to support Lena/Buttercup and without putting any pressure on her – when the time is right, she will no doubt achieve her ‘Impossible Dream’ and we have lots of surprises which will be in store for her when she arrives (including a very special Kiwi cuddly toy called ‘Dream’ which Ray sent to Lena and which will be re-presented at some point in time in the future when Lena arrives in New Zealand).

And there will be meetings with cast and visits to locations and lots of fun stuff. We’ll keep you up to date and we are given to believe that there will be another video released very soon with more information and background.

A still from the film about Buttercup and her dream to visit New Zealand, home of The Tribe

We know of many fans of The Tribe who have shared Buttercup’s dream and already made the long trip to New Zealand (to visit locations and places where The Tribe was filmed), whereas others still plan to do so.  For Buttercup (and many  who will share an empathy with her either due to Aspergers or other issues), pursuing such a dream can seem impossible, with so many challenges and to overcome.

A pin board Buttercup made to keep her dream alive of visiting New Zealand one day

The film includes some beautiful music, animation and support collaborated by the hitRECord community and Joseph Gordon-Levitt (and keep a look out for some familiar characters you will recognise in the animation that appears at the end of the film 😉 ).

The theme of The Tribe is of course to ‘keep the dream alive’ and Buttercup represents every fan of The Tribe – and every person with a dream that seems impossible.  We support  Buttercup and all those who are trying to make their dreams come true and know fans in The Tribe community will be cheering and encouraging Buttercup on in her journey, when the time is right.

Stay tuned for further updates and news on plans in place to make the impossible possible.

Here is the link to see the special short film about Buttercup taking her first steps…

Keep the dream alive!