The Tribe Memorabilia Grand ‘Thank you’ Sale

beth-allen-amber-tribe-fan-conventionWe are very proud of the loyal and fantastic fans who support The Tribe. Over the years there have been many conventions, Tribal gatherings, tours by the cast and appearances all round the world (with the next online gathering to celebrating 50,000 members on The Tribe’s official Facebook page).

As a big ‘thank you’ to the fans of The Tribe who have helped keep the dream alive, we have searched the Cloud 9 archives and are proud to make available a grand sale of rare Tribe memorabilia.

These items are ideal gifts for any fan or collector looking for a limited edition souvenir (with up to 25% off).  You can browse and click on what is available below and once these items have gone, they will be gone forever and cannot be replaced!  Moments from The Tribe’s history are represented including posters and goodies that were actually there with the cast on Tribe tours and at conventions (such as the postcards above from a Tribal Gathering in London), exclusive merchandise made for The Tribe Fan Club and one of a kind mementos created originally only for the cast and crew involved in Cloud 9’s productions, now available to own for fans of The Tribe and its related series.

We will always try and pack everything with combined postage to maximise the value on shipping (the more items that are ordered it is more cost effective to deliver) and all items are sent from Cloud 9 in New Zealand overseas by International Air Mail (if you would like something rushed by courier then please let us know by email and one of the team will do their best to get your goodies to you ASAP).

Some items have sold out and we’re pleased to make available these remaining items of memorabilia and souvenirs before they are gone for good, at a special ‘thank you’ sale.  You might have seen some of these very same items at a live Tribal event in the past.  We hope you enjoy these goodies and links to The Tribe as much as we’ve enjoyed the links that connect The Tribe with its fans.

Tribe Collectibles

the-new-tomorrow-cap-thumbnailThe New Tomorrow Baseball Cap

Unveiled for the first time, this cap was a production souvenir for cast and crew involved in making The New Tomorrow television series.  There is a limited amount of caps and they are being made available now for the first time.  

tribe-baseball-capThe Tribe Baseball Cap

If the cap fits, wear it with this one size fits most unisex Tribe baseball cap. Originally created for the cast of The Tribe to wear on official Tribe Tours around the world.

tribe-starter-fan-packThe Tribe Fan Starter Pack

A pack of Tribe goodies including a Tribe badge, pen, transfer tattoo with a Tribe make-up emblem and postcards of characters from the series.

tribe-female-t-shirtThe Tribe Girls/Women’s T-shirt

It’s The Tribe to a ‘T’ with this girls/women’s t-shirt featuring a Tribe logo and the theme of one of The Tribe tours, ‘bringing the dream to the world’.

tribe-thermal-mugThe Tribe Logo Thermal Mug

Some like it hot, some like it cold – you can drink both in this thermal mug with a safety lid.  Raise a toast and some festive cheer to your fellow Tribe members with this limited edition mug.

abe-messiah-cdAbe Messiah Audio CD

Featuring ten tracks of music including the iconic title track (used in the end titles of The Tribe), this album on CD has performances from The Tribe cast and familiar music used throughout The Tribe series, to enjoy wherever you go.

 spirit-symphony-original-cdThe Spirit Symphony Audio CD

The Spirit of The Tribe is your’s and mine with this original CD featuring the entire Spirit Symphony, recorded by the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra (and composed by Raymond Thompson).  Much loved, much of this music featured in the soundtrack of The Tribe.

tribe-postcards-ultimate-setTribe Ultimate 20 Postcard Set Limited Edition

Gather The Tribes together, the Mall Rats, Locos, the Chosen, in this gathering of 20 Postcards with iconic images of many of your favourite Tribe characters!

tribe-keychainThe Tribe Keyring

A perfect place to hold your keys together in one place – or just to hold on its own, this Tribe keyring is made of stainless steel and like Bray said, keys can be ‘the key to the heart’!

tribe-mouse-matThe Tribe Mouse Mat

Put away that touch screen and get out that trusty mouse – any reason to enjoy this Tribe mouse mat, a must have souvenir for all budding Technos.

tribe-gathering-posterTribe Poster 3: The Tribe Gathering and Cloud 9 Open Day

Put a piece of Tribe history on your wall with this rare poster from the actual first ever Tribal gathering (attended by over 20,000 people).  Walls were made for posters like these!

tribe-badgeTribe Pin Badge

The first ever Tribe badge, wear it with pride or a collectable keepsake.

tribe-big-poster2Tribe Poster 2: Tribe Tour poster

This poster accompanied the Tribe cast as they toured the world on Tribe Tours and attended conventions, television appearances, press conferences and festivals.  Now – it can be yours to have a piece of Tribe history!

tribe-poster-1Tribe Poster 1: The Tribe keep the dream alive poster

A classic image becomes a classic poster.

revelations-beanie-crewRevelations ‘Crew’ Beanie

A gift originally made only for the cast and crew involved in making the ‘Revelations the Initial Journey’ television series (which features many of The Tribe cast).  Heads up for this rare souvenir.

atlantis-high-bandanaAtlantis High Bandana

How many things can you fashion with this piece of rare fashion?  A bandana you can wear and do many things with, or just enjoy as a souvenir from the production of the Atlantis High television series (made by Cloud 9 and starring many of The Tribe cast).

atlantis-high-postcardsAtlantis High postcard set

Packed with satirical humour, parody and all that’s wild and wacky, Atlantis High became a cult classic of television – and this postcard set is packed full of characters from the series (many familiar faces from The Tribe).

the-tribe-soundtrack-vol-1-cdThe Tribe Soundtrack Vol 1 on CD

Also available digitally on iTunes and around the world on Amazon stores, this soundtrack can be obtained as a CD from

tribe-soundtrack-vol-2-on-cdThe Tribe Soundtrack Vol 2 on CD

The most recent release of Tribe music can now be enjoyed on CD (or is available as a digital music download from other outlets like Apple iTunes and Amazon MP3).

atlantis-high-soundtrack-volume-1-cdAtlantis High Soundtrack Vol 1

Turn up the volume to the over the top soundtrack to the over the top Atlantis High!

revelations-soundtrack-cdRevelations Soundtrack on CD

Relaxing, ethereal and haunting – a musical journey evoking the journey through life that is the television series, Revelations – The Initial Journey.