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Tribe Collectables: Assorted Postcard Set Limited Edition

Tribe Ultimate 20 Postcard Set Limited Edition
Presented in a metallic silver card featuring The Tribe logo in silver and gold lettering on the front and ‘Limited Edition’ on the back, 20 colour postcards from various series’ of  The Tribe!

The 20 postcards include a single profile postcard each of Bray, Jack, Jay, Lex, Pride, Ram, Slade, The Guardian, Zoot, Amber, Ebony, Gel, Tribe sister (Ebony, Java, Siva), May, Ruby, Salene, Trudy, Trudy with baby Brady and two assorted postcards from the limited stock remaining…

Tribe Postcards Signed Card Wallet

Price in New Zealand Dollars: (was $20.00 NZD now on sale at $17.50 NZD).