News: 10th July 2000

Don’t miss the new July online Fanzine! From 10th July the July online edition of the Tribe Trader fanzine is available – and it is packed full of some exclusives focusing on the visit to London by Tribe cast members in June 2000. There are some exclusive pictures and an interview with Dwayne Cameron (BRAY) … Continue reading News: 10th July 2000

News: 26th June 2000

The Tribal Gathering, exclusive Tribe “Bloopers” video, Tribe in Europe news, Series 3, and some Exclusive New Zealand and USA news – all this and more is below… Over 20,000 Gather round On Sunday 25th June the world’s first Tribal Gathering was held during the Cloud 9 Studios open day outside of Wellington, New Zealand. … Continue reading News: 26th June 2000

News: 19th June 2000

What does the Pepsi Chart show, Jonah Lomu, Xena Warrior Princess and Burger King all have in common? The answer(s) can be found below in this week’s Tribe newsŠ Exclusive info on The Tribe in Europe Week 2 Four members of the Tribe are now into their second week of a promotional visit to Europe … Continue reading News: 19th June 2000

News: 12th June 2000

Hear all about it first here in News – this week there is news about the Tribe cast’s visit to Europe, the June fanzine, the June Tribal Gathering, and some cool new content in Tribeworld… Catch the latest on the Tribe cast’s visit to Europe right here That’s right – this is the place to … Continue reading News: 12th June 2000

News: 23rd May 2000

Wow! There’s a special FAN CLUB competition in Fan Club News right now (in CLUB) but now there is A BRAND NEW competition for everyone as well to have lunch with the Tribe, important NZ Tribal Gathering info, news about TRIBE BOOKS, Series 3 latest, UK broadcast news, your Tribe Style – and more… Meet … Continue reading News: 23rd May 2000

News: 25th April 2000

We’ve got loads of special news this week – about Series 3 of the Tribe, a visit to London in June by cast members, a competition to fly to New Zealand and be in the Tribe, UK broadcast news, info on the world going Tribal, new great content to Tribeworld – and a whole lot … Continue reading News: 25th April 2000