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News: 25th April 2000

We’ve got loads of special news this week – about Series 3 of the Tribe, a visit to London in June by cast members, a competition to fly to New Zealand and be in the Tribe, UK broadcast news, info on the world going Tribal, new great content to Tribeworld – and a whole lot more!…

Tribe Series 3 News!!

Have we got some news for you! The Tribe is really a phenomenal success and Series 1 and Series 2 are being screened right now all around the world.

We are delighted to confirm that SERIES 3 of the Tribe will start filming at the Cloud 9 production centre in New Zealand on July 1st this year!

There is big writers’ meeting this week in London where the Executive Producer meets the writing team to finalise storylines for the new series – and there are some amazing things planned for the new series. The writers are also working on scripts for the first few episodes.

Planning and pre-production for Series 3 starts now in New Zealand.

Series 3 is another 52 x half-hour episodes (or 26 x 1-hours) and the six month production will continue until December 2000, with post-production finishing in the early part of 2001.

So when’s the Tribe hitting your television screen? Well, Channel 5 in the UK is the first country to broadcast Series 3 and this starts from September 2000. Other countries are showing Series 1 and Series 2 but will be showing Series 3 thereafter (we’ll have details here).

We’ll be covering all the latest news and gossip direct from the production itself here on the Official Tribe website. At least once per week you’ll find all the latest info on what’s happening in Series 3 in the Location Report part of the Guide section. There will also be regular photos from the location and studio!

Exclusive Tribe Tour news – don’t miss this!

We have been authorised to reveal that four members of the Tribe’s cast will arrive in London in mid-June for a two-week promotional tour. We understand from Cloud 9 (makers of the Tribe) that the four will be none other than Caleb Ross (LEX), Dwayne Cameron (BRAY), Meryl Cassie (EBONY) and Michelle Ang (TAI-SAN)!!

They will be doing a series of interviews on television, radio, and newspapers – along with a host of your fave magazines! They will then fly back to the Cloud 9 production centre in New Zealand as filming of Series 3 begins in July!

And to coincide with their visit, here at the Official website Tribeworld we’ve got two special competitions:

– The first comp is for everyone to enter. The lucky winners will meet the cast members during their promotional tour to London!

– The second comp is only for members of the Official Tribe Fan Club. The lucky winners will have a lunch with the cast members in London!! To enter this second competition, you need to be a member of the Fan Club – so if you haven’t joined yet, you can do so in the CLUB/Fan Club part of Tribeworld! The cast will spend some time on the telephone phoning at random some of the Fan Club members.

We’ll have details about how to enter these competitions here in Guide News from Monday 1st May! Fan Club members will be contacted via email.

In addition, read below for an amazing opportunity to win a trip to New Zealand! And appear in the Tribe!

World news!

The world really is going Tribal! Last week in Cannes, France, was the MIP television festival where television broadcasters decide which programmes they want to show on their channels – and the Tribe was a SMASH hit with them!

We are delighted to announce that loads of new countries are going to start showing the Tribe soon including Denmark, Holland, Luxembourg, Iceland, Estonia, Singapore and many, many more – and join the numerous other countries already showing The Tribe.

We’ll be announcing other new countries that will be going Tribal very soon…

And Series 2? Channel 5 are showing it right now in the UK and we are pleased to announce that Series 2 of the Tribe is also going to be shown starting this year in the USA, Finland, Eire, Denmark, Israel, New Zealand, and loads of other new countries.

Many millions of new viewers will be watching the Tribe worldwide and we would like to welcome new viewers – and users of the Official Tribe website – welcome to the Tribe!

We will regularly announce information on broadcast dates and times for Series 1 and Series 2 throughout the world here in the weekly News section, so you know where to find the latest info!

Only a few days left – UK Competition with Sugar Magazine – win a trip to New Zealand to meet the Tribe!

Hurry! There is a special Tribe competition right now with Sugar Magazine. It’s the trip of a lifetime! Two lucky winners will win a return flight to New Zealand, have a walk on part in the Tribe as a character, stay with cast members in one of the cast houses, take a helicopter trip to some Tribe locations – AND your trip will be filmed by a special behind-the-scenes documentary team and shown on Channel 5! Your adventure will also be told in Sugar Magazine!

To enter, you need to come up with your very own Tribe style. That means weird hair-dos, funky but freaky clothes and face paint galore. So, let your imagination run riot, take a snap of yourself in your Tribe get up and send it off to us at the address below. Six finalists will come be selected from the entries and come to London – Kate McIntyre will help with the selection process and take the six finalists out for a slap-up lunch. Two lucky winners will then fly out to the Cloud 9 production centre in New Zealand later in the year!

Need some ideas or inspiration? Well, you might find it worthwhile to check out the latest TribeStyle section in the LIFE part of the Official Tribe website as it has features and photos all about Tribe Style, fashion, make-up and more.

AND in the Tribe Style section we’ve got a special selection of photos of the Mall Rats and other characters from the Tribe which show some of the different Tribe styles. And then – make your own Tribe Style and enter your photo!

The 2 winners will be those with the funkiest, most original costume, so get painting those faces and work on those hairstyles!

Send your entries to:
The Tribe/Sugar comp,
PO Box 281,
London W1A 5LL.

OR you can email your pics to (put The Tribe Comp as the subject).

The deadline for your entries is 27th April 2000. Good luck and have fun!

UK Broadcast News

Series 2 is reaching its climax on Channel 5 in the next few weeks – only 2 more hour episodes in the UK until the series finishes. The final episodes of the series are AMAZING and very exciting – we promise you that there are some surprises and lots of drama in store…

And then what?

Well, by popular demand Channel 5 will be repeating ALL of the Tribe – yes, both Series 1 and Series 2! So there is now a chance to watch the Tribe again from its very beginning, or to catch up on any episodes you might have missed.

New to Tribeworld – some Easter Eggsitement!

The Tribeworld team has interviewed cast members and been hard at work on loads of new content for the website to coincide with Easter (as many of you are off for a break) – and this week alone you can check out:

– Caleb Ross (LEX), Daniel James (ZOOT) and Meryl Cassie (EBONY) spill the beans and reveal some behind-the-scenes info about stunts in the Tribe – this is in the Location Report part of GUIDE.

– New Pre-Tribe content all about the origins of Zoot, the Locos, and “Power and Chaos”

– New Encyclopedia content with NEW info and pictures on The Guardian, the Chosen, Cloudy the dog, Lips, Teeth and Dimples, Billy Boy, the Jackals, Jet, and the Gulls tribe, and more!

– There is a NEW TribeStyle section that has photos and info about the different types of Tribe fashion – a must visit if you are entering the UK Sugar competition to win a visit to New Zealand, or if you are looking for ideas for your own Tribe Style!

– New Worldview about the Mall Rats and making some difficult decisions! How would you do things?

– We’ve got another brand new COMPETITION here in Tribeworld where you can win some fab stuff and speak with a member of cast over the phone! Check out the CLUB section.

– There is a NEW Tribe Vote – and the results of the previous vote

– There is a new cast audio interview in the CLUB/Downloads/Clips section with Michelle Ang (TAI-SAN)

– Tribe Trivia in CLUB has some new info – how much paper do you think Cloud 9 uses to make The Tribe?

– Plot synopsis in Guide is updated so you can catch up with the latest

– We have got a new report in CLUB from the mysterious Tribemaster…

– AND there’s loads of new photos in CLUB/Downloads/Photos!

– AND there’s a Dwayne Cameron (BRAY) Interview in Guide/Interviews!!

Important New Zealand News!

We are pleased to confirm that Series 1 of the Tribe WILL be shown again on TV3 in New Zealand from September this year.

AND that’s not all – the Tribe has been so popular in New Zealand that TV3 will also be showing Series 2 of the Tribe too!

For more info on broadcast dates and times – as well as some special events and plans in New Zealand – don’t forget to check News each week…

Slovenia News

We have some latest broadcast information that Series 1 of the Tribe will be starting on RTV Slovenia from MONDAY 24th APRIL 2000 at 17.30pm – and viewers have another opportunity to watch a repeat of the same episode the day after on TUESDAY 25th APRIL 2000 at 12.30 pm.

We would like to welcome new viewers and fans to the Tribe!

Up then down – down then up!

Over the weekend, the Official Tribe website might have been inaccessible due to the technical team moving the site from one computer to another in an office move. This was very frustrating for all involved but the technical problems seem to have been fixed (touch wood!) – and we hope you enjoy the new content here on Tribeworld.