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News: 23rd May 2000

Wow! There’s a special FAN CLUB competition in Fan Club News right now (in CLUB) but now there is A BRAND NEW competition for everyone as well to have lunch with the Tribe, important NZ Tribal Gathering info, news about TRIBE BOOKS, Series 3 latest, UK broadcast news, your Tribe Style – and more…

Meet Lex, Bray, Tai-San and Ebony!

Have we got a competition for you!

In mid-June, the Tribe are coming to London – because Caleb Ross (LEX), Dwayne Cameron (BRAY), Meryl Cassie (EBONY) and Michelle Ang (TAI-SAN) are going to visit the UK for a two-week promotional tour – before they then return to New Zealand to start filming Tribe Series 3 from July.

We understand from Cloud 9 (makers of the Tribe) that the four members of cast will be doing a series of interviews on television, radio, newspapers, magazines – and public appearances in different places – before jetting off back to New Zealand to start work on Series 3 of the Tribe, which begins filming from July at the Cloud 9 production centre!

This follows the hugely successful visit last year in April 1999 by Dwayne Cameron, Caleb Ross and Meryl Cassie, who toured London when series 1 first went to air in the UK on Channel 5.

We have a special competition here that EVERYONE can enter…

The prizes

One lucky winner will go to London and meet the cast members at a secret venue. As part of this special day trip, we are lining up a few surprises as well… The main winner will also receive a Tribe t-shirt and bag of goodies to take home.

To enter

In order to enter this competition you need to answer this question:

What is the real name of “The Guardian” in Series 2?

Hint: There are clues in other sections of the Tribeworld website.

Send your answer via email to – and we must receive answers by Sunday 29th May.

On Monday 30th May we’ll pick out the overall winner at random – and a fortnight or so later, they’ll be meeting Caleb, Dwayne, Meryl and Michelle in London!

For fans and viewers outside the UK (i.e. in the USA and rest of the world) the cast from the Tribe WILL be going on a worldwide tour in the near future to coincide with the release of the first Tribe album – and there will be more opportunities to meet the Tribe in other future competitions.

Important News – The Tribal Gathering in New Zealand!

We have been authorised to reveal that the Tribal Gathering in New Zealand will be now taking place on Sunday 25th June as an open day at the Cloud 9 production centre outside Wellington.

The studio doors will open and you can enter the behind the scenes world where the Tribe is made and visit the studio set ups, the inside of the shopping mall, see the costumes and wardrobe, make-up, props – a chance to see everything that goes into making the show.

On the day, members of cast will be at the studio to chat with fans and viewers! Yes! A chance to speak for real with LEX (Caleb Ross), BRAY (Dwayne Cameron), EBONY (Meryl Cassie) and others!

There will also be some other guests and an opportunity to speak with members of the Cloud 9 team about the Tribe.

The exact details of the day are top secret at the moment but we will announce more information in a couple of weeks.

In the meantime, mark down Sunday 25th June in your diary – and we’d love to see you at the Tribal Gathering/Cloud9 studios open day!

Tribal Gatherings in other countries

Fans and viewers outside New Zealand might be asking “hey, will there be a Tribal Gathering in my country?”.

The answer is YES! There WILL be!

Members of cast will be going on a worldwide tour to different countries to promote Tribe Series 3 later in the year and the first Tribe album release, due for this year.

Cloud 9 is aware of the great demand for Tribal Gatherings in the UK, Europe and rest of the world and will try to arrange a venue and date fitting in with the cast’s promotional tour.

In the meantime, fans outside New Zealand will be able to participate in a virtual tour of the Cloud 9 studios in June and watch the NZ Tribal Gathering over the internet via a web broadcast – more details soon!

Series 3 latest

Right now the Cloud 9 team are busy at work on Series 3.

Everything is at the planning and pre-production stage at the moment – the writers and creators are hard at work on scripts for the new series, and in New Zealand the production team is busy planning the filming of the scripts – everything from thinking out locations to studio set ups, costumes to make-up designs, and new music for the show.

Production itself starts on July 3rd at the Cloud 9 production centre outside Wellington, NZ, and is scheduled for approximately six-months.

The new series will be 52 x half-hour episodes (in some countries it will be shown as 26 x hour episodes).

You will be able to find out all the very latest gossip and pictures from the production of Series 3 here on the Official Tribe website in the Guide/Location Report section.

What happens next!? UK Broadcast news

Eeek! Series 2 has finished and what a cliff-hanger!

What will happen next? Can you wait a few months until Series 3 starts? It’s all too nail-biting?

Well, we can’t say what will happen yet – but there will be some BIG surprises and things that we believe you will all really enjoy…

In the meantime, Channel 5 will be repeating Series 1 and Series 2 of the Tribe this year so you can keep the dream alive while you wait for Series 3 to be made!

Series 1 will be shown on the following weekend dates at 9.00am: 15th July, 16th July, 22nd July, 23rd July, 29th July and 30th July.

From Monday 31st July the repeats are everyday of the week at 9.00am.

So this is another chance to watch the entire story unfold from the very beginning and catch up on your fave episodes and happenigs – as well as to get ready for the story to resume in the autumn with Series 3!

Channel 5 and Sugar Competition News

Thank you to everyone who entered the Tribe Style competition that finished last month, where the aim was to design your own Tribe Style – the lucky winner getting a special trip later in the year to visit the Tribe at the Cloud 9 studios in New Zealand!

The judges are going through the entries at the moment (there were loads of them!) and we’ll announce details as to the winner here soon…

But don’t stop there! We would love to see more examples of your Tribe Style – either your drawings or photos of your or your friends kitted out in Tribe fashion – and for more details on sending us your pictures, visit the LIFE/Tribe Style section on!

Tribe Books – yeah!

Cloud 9 is liaising with several big publishers at the moment and many Tribe books will be out later on in the year in different territories.

The very first Tribe book is a “backstory” novel that looks at life before the virus and ties in with storylines in Tribe 2.

This book will be coming out in New Zealand later on in the year.

For more details on publishing – and all news – don’t forget to check the weekly Guide News on the main website right here…