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News: 12th June 2000

Hear all about it first here in News – this week there is news about the Tribe cast’s visit to Europe, the June fanzine, the June Tribal Gathering, and some cool new content in Tribeworld…

Catch the latest on the Tribe cast’s visit to Europe right here

That’s right – this is the place to check out the latest info and gossip on the visit to London by Caleb Ross (LEX), Dwayne Cameron (BRAY), Meryl Cassie (EBONY) and Michelle Ang (TAI-SAN).

The cast members left New Zealand on Friday 9th June and arrived in London (after a 30-hour flight over 12,000 miles) on Saturday afternoon 10th June UK time.

The cast are in London for a two-week promotional tour and have a very busy schedule planned (they then fly back to New Zealand to start filming Tribe Series 3 in early July).

Many of you are wondering what they are going to be up to and doing – and we’ve got some details here…

The cast members are this week:

1. Meeting fans – three winners of our “have lunch with the Tribe” competition are meeting the cast for lunch on Monday 12th June at the Rainforest Café in London.

2. Speaking with Fan – members of the Fan Club will be phoned at random and speak with Caleb, Dwayne, Meryl or Michelle!

3. Interviews – the cast have loads of television, magazine and radio interviews lined up. This week there are interviews ranging from Shout Magazine to Just 17, from Smash Hits to What’s On TV and many many more.

4. Filming – the cast have some promotional films to shoot in London, which will be televised later.

5. Rehearsals – the cast have rehearsals with top choreographers to prepare for the forthcoming first Tribe album, due for release later in the year.

6. Having Fun – it’s not all work – there is also some time to play and the cast plan to visit some famous tourist spots in London and will attend some music concerts in the capital city this week

7. Photo shoots – the cast have some big photo shoots and these pictures will appear in magazines, newspapers and more later.

Phew! And that’s just this week!!

Tribeworld will have some exclusive gossip, photos and feedback on what happens during the cast’s visit to London appearing on the website very soon.

And on Monday 19th June we’ll preview the cast’s schedule for that week.

And we’ll keep you up to date on when the interviews will be televised and appear in the different magazines – you know where to check it out (right here in Guide News).

Tribe Trader June Fanzine is now available!

Yes! The first of the monthly Tribe Trader fanzines is now online and you can check it out in Tribeworld at

Everyone can read the fanzine online but there are special competitions and bonuses for Fan Club members only.

If you haven’t yet joined the huge “Tribe” of Fan Club members then why not join for free today?why not join for free today?

Gather around for the Tribal Gathering – the latest info!

The first Tribal Gathering happens on 25th JuneTribal Gathering happens on 25th June – it’s a fantastic day for charity – and there are two ways you can be there


Firstly, you might live in New Zealand and can actually physically go to the Gathering and meet other Tribe fans, meet the cast, go on a studio tour – all for charity.

Secondly, you might not be able to physically go to the Gathering (in case you live outside New Zealand) – in which case don’t worry! We have some plans ahead so that you can participate in the Tribal Gathering online in Tribeworld!

So mark down 25th June (New Zealand time) in your diaries! The event starts at 10.00 am that day in NZ which will be 11pm on Saturday 24th June UK time, which is 6pm Saturday 24th June in the US on EST.

If you can make it to the open day then we’ll see you there – if you can’t make it, you can still “be there” online!