Tribe News

News: 19th June 2000

What does the Pepsi Chart show, Jonah Lomu, Xena Warrior Princess and Burger King all have in common?

The answer(s) can be found below in this week’s Tribe newsŠ

Exclusive info on The Tribe in Europe Week 2

Four members of the Tribe are now into their second week of a promotional visit to Europe – as you might know they are Dwayne Cameron (BRAY), Caleb Ross (LEX), Michelle Ang (TAI-SAN) and Meryl Cassie (EBONY).

The four had a really busy time last week with interviews with television, radio and magazines – and this week looks like being another busy one.

This week the cast are:

1. Appearing on the Pepsi Chart Show – yes, it’s true! The fabulous four are making a guest appearance on the show and performing music from the Tribe album.

PLEASE NOTE however that since the broadcasted show focuses on the top 20 hits, the Tribe’s performance will not be shown on TV because the album has not been released yet!

We will have footage, however, of the cast’s guest appearance and clips of their visit to Europe as a special download on Tribeworld soon.


2. Loads of interviews

– the cast have many more interviews with teen and television magazines, newspapers, radio and television. We’ll be advising here on Tribeworld when the interviews will be published – so keep checking here in the near future!



3. Meeting fans

– the cast have a lunch at Planet Hollywood in London with the semi-finalists of the Tribe style Channel 5 and Sugar magazine competition.


4. Rehearsals – the cast have rehearsals with top choreographers as part of the preparations for the first Tribe album. They have learned some amazing dance moves and we can all check these out later in the year when the album is released!

5. Photo shoots – snap, snap, flash, flash – more photos this week and we’ll have some appearing in Tribeworld next week!

The four cast members leave Europe on Thursday 22nd June and then return to New Zealand on Saturday 24th June to prepare for the Tribal Gathering the next day – and to start shooting Series 3 of the Tribe from early July.

Charity begins at home

A lot is planned for the Tribal Gathering/Cloud 9 studios open day on 25th June. Just a week to go!

This is a charity event and many celebrities have contributed items that will go into charity auctions and giveaways on the day.

Global star

Lucy Lawless (Xena Warrior Princess)

is contributing some goodies including a breastplate from her huge show – rugby superstar Jonah Lomu is donating a signed shirt – and there are goodies donated by celebrities ranging from the Prime Minister of New Zealand to the hospital show Shortland Street and many more!


Check out the Burger King tie-in for the Tribal Gathering in New Zealand where there are posters and Tribe placemats in Burger King restaurants. Yumm yumm!

The day is fun-filled and for good causes – to raise money for a CAT-scan for the Children’s Starship Hospital and to contribute money for terminally ill children with the Ronald McDonald House charity.

And the Tribe cast will be there – as is the Tribe shopping mall, a tour of the studios, and much more.

So be there if you can – but if you can’t make it, you can participate in the day’s events online via a “Virtual Tribal Gathering” featuring a broadcast of the day via webcam and more.