Tribe News

News: 6th April 2000

News Flash

There have been rumours that the next Tribe star to appear live on the Tribe Ultimate Bulletin Board will be Michalle Ang, who plays Tai-San. Watch this space to find out more details as they come to hand. 🙂

Did you know about Tribe Mail?

You have probably noticed a lot of people now have e-mail addresses. The good news is you can have one too. Here’s how you get one:
When the main home page comes up, at the top is a pic of JACK and it says check Tribe mail. Well if you click that it will take you to a page where you can sign up for Tribe mail.


If you could interview a member of the Tribe cast who would you interview?

Send your answers to and you could be the one who gets to interview a Tribe cast member!


There are new competitions popping up everywhere. Here’s where to find two of them.

The first one is in the Tribe Club Section. There’s two questions you need to answer then submit your entry. We’ll be drawing the competition at the end of the month. The prizes include posters, autographs and maybe even a phone call with a cast member.

On the Tribe Ultimate Bulletin Board you can win too! The competition is under the This is the Place heading. The question is designed for all our views, so here’s a hint…the answer is from Series 1.