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News: 15th December 2001


The Tribe series 4 is coming! The countdown has begun. There are many different characters who you will grow to love … or hate! Hundreds of fans have already been emailing and writing in to say how much they like the look of the newest gorgeous girls and guys that you will be able to watch on your screens very soon.

For sneaky peeks at the gang, take a look at the download section and all through the different sections of to see video clips, hear audio interviews and look at some exclusive pictures.

Take a look for these world firsts and more at – the official home of The Tribe!


January 5th, Channel 5 at 12 noon, Episode 1.
Episode 2 will be shown the day after! January 6th at 12 noon and every Sunday after that you’ll be able to check out a new episode. Do you want to learn more? Check out the plot synopsis, coming soon!


Santa has gone wild all through Tribeworld! You can see heaps of new Christmas photos and wallpapers, read all about the first Tribal Christmas in Pre-Tribe and learn some fascinating facts in Tribestyle, Tribe Trivia and Worldview.

There are some special Christmas messages in the download section, recorded by the cast just for you!


Don’t forget to phone the Tribeworld Hotline for all the latest updates and gossip. There will be new messages over Christmas and the New Year.

Give it a call on +64 4 920 9477


Tom Hern (RAM) and Megan Alatini (SIVA) have recorded a special Christmas song for Tribeworld.

Check it out in the download section. It is guaranteed to make you want to coime back for more!

“Can I get a wish?”

Oh yes Tom, we think you can!


Wow! So many of you have gone wild with merchandise in the last few weeks which goes to show that it will be a Very Tribal Christmas all around the world!

There are still a few items left so you can make an order and receive it in the New Year. But it won’t be long until the rest of the stock sells out and may never be seen again!

So make sure that you have your own collection of Tribal merchandise before it’s too late! Details of a new store will be posted here early in the New Year.


There are heaps of Tribe series 4 photos available to look at now and lots more to come. This will keep you going until the new series hits your screens!

And more photos are in the wallpaper section where there are heaps of cool pictures to drool over!


Yes, Meryl, Caleb, Tori and Michael will be with you soon. Details are still being locked off but the cast will be in Germany from 20th January before it’s on to the UK. Don’t panic! Other countries are being looked at and we hope that a lot of you will be able to see the cast.

Remember to enter the competition which will be posted at the end of next week to be in with a chance to spend some time with the cast! But you will need to investigate, and watch Atlantis High to have the know-how to answer the questions.

More details of the tour and the competition SOON,

Please be aware that we cannot post specific details regarding the tour due to security reasons. We are aware that many of you are planning to be in Europe at the time of the tour but we just cannot release confidential information. But we will keep you as up to date as we can.

Until next news session,

Stay Tribal and Keep the Dream Alive…