All you needed to know about – Wardrobe/Make-up


They are all designed and made by the wardrobe department. Due to the nature of The Tribe Series, they are trying to create a unique and catchy `look`.


Here you can see Beth Allen as AMBER in her new Series III costume.

Once the costumes are made for each cast member (for which they have measurements on file) they have a fitting to make any final adjustments. Also in between and prior to the new Series commencing the cast have fittings to ensure they can still fit their costumes. For continuity purposes they attempt to keep them in old costumes before introducing a new look for a new series.

An identifying feature of each cast member is their boots. Each wears something different, be it colour or style, and they are all big and chunky.

Costumes are the first thing that the cast get into when they arrive at the studios. Usually it takes only a few minutes to get into them and then they move to the Makeup department to get their hair and make-up done. It depends on availability of Hair and Makeup artists for which of these they do first.


Of course makeup varies for the different characters. Some have very few Tribal markings and so their makeup takes not much time at all. Others have a lot of facial art to do – while at the same comparing to previous episodes for continuity purposes – although it is not a major concern as they can change on a daily basis.

Some of the facial art is done with a stencil for the intricate work – for example Ebony`s forehead, and sometimes the actors even do some makeup themselves, as they learn how it is done over the 6 months of filming.


Meryl Cassie as EBONY having her hair and make-up done at the same time.

Contact lens are often part of a Tribal `look` where the makeup department use disposable lens on the cast to change their colour and attitude! Such examples are Tai-San, Lex, Zoot.


Hair is often a time consuming part of getting ready. Characters such as Tai San, and Ellie have quite intricate hairstyles, even Ebony (who gets her braids touched up approximately every 3 months) has to get them tied up in a style. Pride has a twist type hairstyle (a change to the original dreadlocks) which takes approximately 30 minutes to do.

KC and Jack have been seen with their green and orange hair in spikes. This is very unique especially when KC`s spikes have red tips. It is held so strong and firmly in place that it feels like it is glued to touch! And for poor Ari at the end of the day it becomes a mission in itself to wash it all out, (although it remains green all series).


Ari Boyland and Michael Wesley Smith as KC and JACK showing their similar hairstyles.

All the cast members have their hair dyed to enhance their look, some obviously more noticeable than others, but at the end of a Series it must be dyed back to their original colour.

Between Scenes

Each has their own coat they wear in between scenes to protect their costume and to keep them warm.


Meryl Cassie as EBONY looks on as Caleb Ross as LEX walks away, in their rehearsal coats.

Often when they are out on location the weather can be fairly nasty (extreme heat or cold) so as you can imagine that with their somewhat skimpy outfits (for both the males and the females) they need to keep warm (and protected from the sun) in between scenes and during scene rehearsals.

During rehearsal if it`s extremely sunny or rainy there are crew who hold umbrellas over the cast to protect their makeup.


It is raining this location day and the crew have got the umbrellas up protecting the cast in between scenes.

This completes the article on `all you need to know` about wardrobe and hair/make-up.

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