Education in the Tribe – Part 2

In the world of the Tribe many parts of everyday life and society have changed in the world without adults – and one of these is education! Or has it really changed that much?

What became of education in Tribeworld? This updated Worldview article takes a further look at education in the Tribe …

See this is the question on everyone’s lips. Ideally we would all like to get away with not having to work or practise, but as the Mall Rats soon found out, there was a need to keep their minds stimulated and their knowledge of vital things such as cooking, rules, physical capabilities, reading, understanding other cultures, sciences (chemistry/physics/biology), building, counting, team survival skills and many more.

And so education comes in many shapes and forms. It can mean socially educated, educated in values and morals, educated in art forms, and then the one we all know as a school education which includes lots of subjects such as Math, English, History, Art, Languages, Physical Education.

As Zoot says “No more schools! No more teachers! No more books!” – Obviously Martin/Zoot felt threatened by the fact that he had to conform to rules and regulations as set down by the teachers!

From a Teachers perspective?

Photo – The real school teachers? Do you make their life hard as a student?

Teaching/Educating others can be a very tough job at the same time as being very rewarding. As a teacher the main motivation is often the need/desire to pass on to others the knowledge they have acquired, which is often valued highly to such an individual.

Progress is a great motivator for a teacher. If they can see results then they will become even more enthused to pass on that knowledge. BUT when the student comes to a plateau/standstill, show no improvement, or plain and simple is not doing any work, this is perhaps due to the fact they are not working to their fullest potential or doing homework or practise, a teacher/leader gets down and depressed as they feel more and more like they are not doing a proper job. OR on the other hand a teacher will often expect alot from students, sometimes too much, and need to remind themselves that so long as a student works within their capabilities or gives of their best then this is all they can ask for.

Although it can be hard at times, school and all forms of education are good for the brain. We all learn things at school – that’s why we go there. Education is a way of learning.

And in Tribeworld, as well as everywhere else in the world, without formal education as we have today – there would be great consequences for society.

Always remember ‘Knowledge is Power’, but at the same time requires a lot of input to become successful and powerful. ‘You only get out of something what you are prepared to put in.’

Could you live with these Teachers?

Photo – The Guardian and Followers

What about The Chosen?

The Chosen as a group don’t appear to educate people as such, but more brainwash their followers. They have one philosophy – to carry out Zoot’s ideal of Power & Chaos, and they educate them by filling their minds with this one idea. Then they go about acting out this Power & Chaos by bizarre rituals according to the spirit of Zoot, fires, kidnapping and abducting key people such as Brady (being the blood of Zoot), and creating as much Power & Chaos in the world as possible.

This type of violent behviour will only be successful for a group like this in the short term. The rest of the Tribes wont stand to be pushed around like this or have their lives invaded by such obsessive worship and behaviour of one single person.

Photo – Salene doting on the younger members of The Tribe

Salene – Doted on Brady and the younger children of the Mall Rats. She definitely had a motherly instinct for all the children. And her kindness for those less fortunate than her meant she wanted them to learn the essential things in life, such as music, and other general school subjects. She definitely had the kids best interests at heart.

But she has emotional problems: her constant fight with Bulimia, her everlasting love for someone who doesn’t return this love, and then her settlement (some would say using) with Ryan as a lover. Perhaps even she needed a figure in her life to guide her through the tough times, and thus used Ryan in this way.

Photo – Ryan in his ‘protective/security role’

Ryan – He has a rather imposing and somewhat intimidating physique and uses this to maintain order in the special classes run by Salene for the street tyrants in Series II. He is emotionally connected to her and because of this helps her out in conducting these classes as a ‘keeper of the peace’. He is not however an intellectual character but his wisdom is shown in other areas such as his kind, compassionate nature, his thoughtfulness for others and his strength of character, all fine values for others to learn.

Photo – Amber taking the leadership role yet again!

Amber -The Mall Rats have always looked up to Amber – partcularly as a mother figure. She was always the sensible and responsible one in Series One and held alot of respect from all the Tribe.

She was able to teach the kids rules, values and morals, and how life should run smoothly if everyone was to work together for the common cause.

Photo – TaiSan spreading her good word

TaiSan – Constantly spreads her thoughts and ways of spiritualism around to everyone she meets, and most of what she has to say makes perfect sense. Do the people listen and learn from her words of wisdom?

Would you like to be influenced by her as a teacher? She is certainly a stunning character but could you cope with the constant push of ‘her’ way?

Photo – Tribemaster as key educator?

Tribemaster – How could you be taught by someone who isn’t even identified? BUT Tribemaster is obviously very very streetwise, and knows about survival during the toughest times. Tribemaster could be a vital member of any educational institution.

Perhaps Tribemaster may arrive undercover. Certainly members of Tribeworld could learn alot from Tribemasters knowledge of ‘life’, again as much a necessary aspect as well as the usual school classes.

What’s the purpose of learning?

Survival of course was the main aim in Series One, with the threat of other Tribe’s invading and taking over the mall such as the Locos and the Demon Dogs, the threat of the virus striking them all down, and the threat of losing their compatability as a group. And so it was up to the likes of Amber and Bray (the responsible and older members of the Mall Rats) to teach the rest of the children the necessary valuable lessons in life and lead the Tribe through the tough times.

Series Two saw the Mall Rats searching for answers from the past, and Series III there are new people becoming part of the Tribe, and with Ambers return, can things really return to the way they were?

Times change, people grow up and grow apart. Or do they?

Education is constantly learning about life, how to survive and keeping the mind and body active.

Can Amber & Bray finally unite forever without the threat of third parties becoming involved and ruining their love through temptation, doubt and dishonesty?

Have the Tribe learnt from their mistakes of the past, or learnt from others’ mistakes?

Are they finally able to live in peaceful, safe surroundings and begin again to lead a normal life?

Stay tuned for updates – check out all the relevant Tribal issues faced by The Tribe every day as they struggle to survive in a world without the guidance of their parents and family.