Healthcare – Part 3

This week we take a look at just a few of the many alternative health therapies available and see how The Tribe might put these to use in their world without medicine.


The following treatments, remedies and recipes can be dangerous if used in the wrong way and some people might even have a nasty allergic reaction to the oils and herbs. Always see a health care professional before you use any alternative treatment or take any medicines or other remedies.


Many people (including Tai San) believe in the healing properties of crystals and stones. There are several of these magical objects around and we’ll take a quick look at some of them.

* The Amethyst is one of the ‘stones of spirituality’. It is supposed to protect against psychic attacks and clears the aura. It is also reputed to help with all forms of healing in the body.

* The Aventurine is a stone that supposedly enhances your leadership qualities. It also helps with creativity.

* The Bloodstone is meant to help you overcome anxiety and stress. It is a ‘stone of courage’.

* The Carnelian is said to increase physical energy and protects against fear, envy and anger.

* The Garnet is the ‘stone of health’. It is said to provide a calm environment while you use it and helps to transmute negative energy into positive.

People believe that you don’t choose the crystal, it chooses you. By wearing these crystals and stones or keeping them near to you at all times supposedly keeps body, mind and spirit healthy, avoiding illness.


These are liquid extracts taken from flowers. Their healing properties were first used by a physician called Edward Bach in the 1930’s although people from ancient times have used similar oils since time began.

The life force of the flower or plant is trapped in the liquid and interacts with the electromagnetic fields of the person who drinks it.

There are literally thousands of these essences to be used and many find them helpful.


This is the use of floral extracts massaged into the skin or breathed in. The odours stimulate the response of the body and mind.

There are four main ways that aromatherapy can help the individual although some people have their own reaction to these oils.

* Emotional ~ help with depression and stress-related illnesses.

* Energetic ~ help with the changes in the electromagnetic field.

* Physical ~ the oils have antiseptic, regenerative, wound-healing and immune-enhancing properties.

* Spiritual ~ are an aid to meditation and prayer as well as purification.


There are thousands of age-old herbal recipes and remedies around and here are a few of them.

* Cure for Sprains
A handful of sage leaves should be bruised and boiled in a gill of vinegar for five minutes.

* St. John’s Wort Tea
This is said to be a remedy for anxiety and depression.

2 heaped teaspoons of the herb should be steeped in 5 ounces of boiled water for 10-15 minutes.

* Toothache
Grind allspice into a paste and apply to sore tooth or gums.

* Gargle for a sore throat
Simmer together a dessertspoon of honey, 6 sage leaves, a small glass of port wine and a tablespoon of vinegar.


The juice from the leaves of the Aloe Vera plant can be used direct from the plant to treat burns, insect bites and rashes.
Some people use the juice to keep their skin nice and soft Š Cleopatra of Egypt was said to use it to keep herself looking young.


Last week we touched on the fact that Tai San knows a lot about alternative therapies and surrounds herself with crystals and stones. Pride knows a lot about the healing properties of herbs. Dal knew about the antibiotic he gave to Trudy when she had the fever after the birth of Brady.

There must be some kids who used to be in the Scouts or Guides, the Red Cross or St. John’s Ambulance. Some who had doctors or other health carers in their families. These are the people who might be able to help the sick and wounded if they have any knowledge of wounds, broken bones and sickness. However limited their knowledge might be, at least it would be of some help. There would still be medical books and encyclopedias lying around so that somebody could attempt to make some sense of them.

People might even have picked up some life-saving tips from watching TV programmes in the days before the virus struck.

It is hard to imagine what life would be like without all these things we take for granted. People in the world of The Tribe must find that they are getting back to and relying upon nature in many ways. They must be finding ways to cope and discover that some natural remedies really do work.

After some time without the luxury of being able to reach for a painkiller they would stop ridiculing Tai San and Pride for their ‘strange’ beliefs. They would begin to understand that these remedies have worked for many thousands of years. These remedies are their only hope…